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Super effective remedy with coconut oil and lemon juice for premature white hair

White hair at early 30’s? Time to get rid of those white strands and use something effective. Using coconut oil with lemon is not only effective but also a non-toxic approach towards removing white hair. Amla Powder And Coconut Oil for premature white hair Amla is rich in vitamin C which helps for the hair […]

Miraculous ways to use green tea to get a flat belly effortlessly 

Consumption of green tea has become the new trend amongst health and beauty conscious people. There are many known benefits of drinking green tea, one of them being the ability of green tea to burn abdomen fat. Green tea is known to have EGCG which helps to activate the fat burning genes. 1.Green tea to […]

How to use papaya pulp to make you face glow naturally

Papaya is a great natural ingredient to give your skin a glowing and radiating look. It also helps the skin to fight the signs of aging and decreases the rate at which your skin ages.   1.Papaya, Lemon and Honey Face Mask Honey is a great natural ingredient which has a great number of benefits […]

Miraculous home remedies to make your chapped lips beautiful naturally

Chapped lips can stop you from flaunting those beautiful pink curves when you smile. Most people do not give equal time and efforts to care for their lips. 1.Tooth Brush to remove dead skin cells This is by far the easiest and most inexpensive way to get rid of chapped lips naturally and get those […]

Egg White and Hibiscus flower hair mask to get shiny smooth hair at home

Hibiscus is great for your hair growth and increasing volume. The amino acids and Vitamin C present in the Hibiscus helps in hair growth along with egg whites. 1.Hibiscus and Egg white Hair Oil For Hair Growth Egg whites help to boost the hair growth and leads to shiny and smoother hair. The vitamin C […]

How to use natural oils to fade dark circles fast

  Natural oils help to rejuvenate the skin and remove scars and spots from the skin. They have a great healing mechanism and lead to a faster generation of new skin cells and removes the dead skin cells. 1.Almond Oil to remove dark circles Almond oil is rich in Vitamin K, Retinol and Palmitic Acid which […]

3 natural treatments to fade facial scars at home

Facial scars can be due to many reasons such as injuries, acne, burns, and scratches. These facial scars take a long time to fade or sometimes they do not. The given below treatments help to fade these facial scars with time. 1.Aloe Vera to remove facial scars Aloe Vera is known for its healing and […]

Homemade glow serums to lighten the skin tone naturally

With the increase in the levels of pollution and the UV index, the health of the skin is deteriorating drastically. The sun is getting scorched by the sun and suntan has become the new enemy. 1.Honey and Papaya Serum Honey is a great natural ingredient when it comes to taking care of the skin. Honey […]

Milk and lemon juice home remedy to lighten the skin tone

Milk is indeed a great ingredient to lighten the skin tone. It also helps to add radiance and glow to the skin. Here are few remedies with milk and lemon juice to lighten your skin tone. 1.Lemon juice and milk  Lemon juice is rich in vitamin c and helps to de-tan the skin thus lightening […]

How to use kale leaves to stop premature greying of hair

Premature greying of hair can be due to various kind of problems such as hormonal imbalance or a poor diet. Including protein-rich food in your diet helps to fight against the premature greying of hair. 1.Coconut oil and kale Leaves: Coconut has been widely used for a long time when it comes to taking care […]