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How to get rid of unwanted facial hair at home with natural ingredients

The hair on the face must be the worst nightmare of every woman. The more we try to thread or waxing the hair off, more we get redness and acne due to the broken fossils. The face is spotty and swollen for days depicting the soreness. Before every date, wedding, party, and event, the facial […]

3 Amazing rice water home remedies for shiny and smooth hair

A glass of rice is all that is needed for smooth and shiny hair. Shocked about the easily available remedy? Just soak some rice in water, and you have rice water for hair treatment, that has been Asia’s best kept ancient secret to solving all the hair related problems. This is definitely a must try […]

Amazing coconut milk method to straighten your hairs naturally at home

Straight hair is always in style and people desire the untangled, sleek, simple, and the chic look that it gives almost with no efforts. It eliminates the bad and frizzy hair day giving confidence throughout the day. However, when opting for harsh permanent styling treatments can damage the hair fossils, texture, and originality. Thus, we […]

How to use lemon to get natural pink baby soft lips at home  

Getting natural pink and soft lips are probably the desire of almost everyone, that is, any age or gender. Mostly, young girls have a pink tinge on their lips but as we get older we develop darker tone on our lips because of a variety of internal and external reasons. The varied factors may be […]

Amazing hibiscus flower and fenugreek seeds anti-baldness hair pack

Hibiscus, commonly also known as China Rose is considered sacred, having well known medicinal properties. Hair fall is a major problem can be treated easily with hibiscus as it controls the hair loss extensively. Baldness and hair loss are two problems which none of us would want, therefore, using fenugreek and hibiscus both homely ingredients […]

How to use turmeric and gram flour for skin lightening at home  

Gram flour has been used across Asia as both a homemade beauty and an exfoliant treatment to brighten and lighten skin. Brides a few days prior to their marriage are treated to a sesame oil, turmeric powder, and gram flour body scrub, as part of their wedding rituals. There are numerous skin brightening recipes that […]

How to use rice water to get fair skin at home

Rice water has a lot of healing properties that help soothe inflamed skin of our face. It has a natural cooling effect which helps in getting rid of the tan that has been persistent for a long time. Rice water for skin whitening has been brought from Ayurveda long back and passed down to generations […]

3 DIY methods to get rid of unwanted hairs from underarms

Underarms hair is one of the most unwanted problems that people in their young age face. People and especially women have used a variety of ways from shaving to laser hair removal but what about natural methods? Without lasers, without harsh hair removal creams, and without any risk of razor cut! Gladly, we have a […]

How to use sandalwood to get rid of dark patches from skin

Sandalwood is a powerhouse of anti-bacterial and bleaching properties that can be used to lighten the dark patches on your skin naturally. It is completely safe-to-use, this traditional ingredient is easily available and highly effective. Sandalwood is not only used for lightening dark patches but is a perfect choice in treating acne and treating other […]

How to use tea bags for treating sunburns

Sunburns are excessive tan lines which turn into reddish sores, sometimes even causing pain. There are unusual home remedies such as tea bags can be very effective in reducing the painful burns. Tea bags have been used for ages for the treatment of sunburns as the tannins found in tea are said to reduce inflammation […]