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How to use unsalted butter to make hair mask with deep conditioning properties

Dry hair needs a lot of nourishment than other hair types. As it does not contain enough moisture in it, dry hair may be easily subjected to damage like breakage, split ends, and frizziness. Hence, dry hair should be properly taken care to make it healthy. Here are a few natural remedies for hair mask […]

How to use corn flour to make underarms skin lightening cream at home

Everyone likes to flaunt with their favorite sleeveless and spaghetti? But, sometimes they may be hesitated to wear this because of the dark underarms. No need to worry about this dark arms as there are multiple remedies to lighten your dark armpits. In this article, we provided you natural remedies with the easily available kitchen ingredients. […]

How to treat cystic acne at home with all natural ingredients

Cystic acne is a painful and embarrassing skin condition which leaves a big scar behind. This cystic acne is caused due to the accumulation of dead skin cells and dirt in the pores. The blocked pores infect the skin deeply and lead to the inflammation with a red bump. Here are some natural remedies with […]

3 super-effective ways to fight underarm odor and make them beautiful

Underarm odor is really a disgusting situation, especially in summer. This odor occurs due to the production of sweat in these areas which smells foul. This area also easily becomes susceptible to pollutants and becomes dark. To reduce this odor there is a number of chemical deodorants available in the markets. But, they may not be […]

How to use curry leaves to make your hair grow long and strong

Many women desire to have a beautiful, long, and shiny hair. But due to the pollutants, improper diet, stress and some genetical problems, their wish may not be fulfilled. All these free radicals damage the scalp which results in hair damage and hair fall. Curry leaf is an amazing ingredient which is the best remedy […]

3 amazing ways to use natural oils to get beautiful thick eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows give you a perfect and confident look. Thicker eyebrows are in craze because eyebrows are one of the most attracting parts of the face. The thick eyebrows enhance your look.  It is not an easy task to bring back thick eyebrows, there are some natural remedies with simple kitchen ingredients that can enhance […]

How to use nutmeg powder at home for a beautiful facial skin

Every woman desires a perfect glowing skin. Instead of using loads of chemical products to get a white complexion it’s better to opt for the natural products. Here are the simple and effective home remedies with nutmeg for the glowing skin. Nutmeg is one of the popular spice across India. It also has another side […]

3 miraculous home remedies with natural ingredients to get rid of dandruff

Are you worried about the white itchy flakes on your scalp? yes, everyone is annoyed about the same thing. The white flakes with dandruff irritate you like anything especially when you wear a black dress. This article contains the topmost remedies for dandruff that are natural and longlasting. Causes for dandruff: It is a type of […]

Effective olive oil hair spa method at home to get silky soft hair

Are you worried about the dry and frizzy hair? Then, your hair needs proper care as it is regularly subjected to various pollutants. Hair spa is a very good relaxing way for your hair as it provides nutrients and nourishes it. After the hair spa, your hair is moisturized well feels much softer than ever […]

3 miraculous home remedies to lighten the dark underarms

Some women always feel trouble with their dark underarms. Dark underarms caused due to various factors like sweating, piling of dead cells, tight clothes, artificial creams etc. As it is the sensitive area, it may be easily subjected to many issues especially pigmentation. It prevents you from wearing your favorite stunning sleeveless clothes. Hence proper […]