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Egg Yolk And Olive Oil Home Made Shampoo For Strong And Shiny Hair

  The mixture of Egg Yolk and Olive Oil is well known for strengthening the hair locks and adding shine to it. Egg yolk contains protein which helps in making your hair stronger and adds volume to the hair. Olive oil makes your hair moisturised and shiny. This hair mask is a miracle and is […]

How To Use Ghee For Hair

Ghee is one of the very important ingredients of Indian Cuisine, but not many of us know that it not only makes our food taste delicious but also has the ability to make our hair strong, nourished and moisturised. Yes! When combined with certain other ingredients ghee can actually show better results than most of […]

Ghee Face Mask For Glowing And Soft Skin

Yes! Ghee can be used for face as well. It is as beneficial for our skin as it is for our health. It moisturizes the skin from deep within and nourishes our skin properly. It contains fatty acids due to which it moisturizes the dry skin and adds an extra glow to it. Not only […]

Effective Remedies To Deal With Oily Skin

Oily skin needs more protection comparing to any other skin type. Because the sebum (oil) production is very high, due to which such skin is very prone to acne and pimple production. Also, people with oily skin mostly have open pores, through which dust can enter the skin and can lead to various skin infections […]

How To Use Garlic For Acne

Garlic can be easily found in any Indian kitchen, it is one of the most important ingredients in Indian cuisine it not just adds taste to the food but also treats skin problems like acne. It treats the acne and prevents them from coming back. It has antibacterial, anti- inflammatory and antifungal properties, thus it […]

Ayurvedic Face Masks for Normal Skin Tone

Ayurvedic face masks are a pure blessing to the beauty industry. They not only make our skin glow but also solves hundreds of skin problems like acne, scar, pigmentation etc. These face masks are prepared using natural herbs that were identified to be the best remedy for skin problems ages ago, by our ancestors. Read […]

How To Use Black Pepper For Hair Growth

Black pepper is a commonly found ingredient in our kitchen, especially an Indian kitchen, but it does more than just adding taste to our food. Yes! it can be used for hair growth as well. Black pepper is found to be a great hair growth stimulator according to studies. When combined with certain ingredients it […]

Quick and Easy Ways To Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are one of the common skin problems that people usually have. They occur because of the pollution and dust in the environment, hectic and unhealthy lifestyle etc. Our skin pores get open due to these causes, which further causes the excess production of oil on the face and thus gives birth to blackheads! Squeezing […]

Natural Tips For Long Eyelashes

At some point in time, all of us must have wished to have long eyelashes. They provide us the most dramatic look every and also makes us look more than just pretty. There are various tools like eyelash curler and makeup products like mascara are available in the market but none of them give you […]

How To Use Potato For Hair

Potato is rich in vitamin B and C which helps in promoting the hair growth. It cleanses the scalp properly and unclog the pores. It makes our hair shiny and also prevents split ends. It unclogs the hair follicles thus treats common hair problems like dandruff and hair fall. Potato is really good for our […]