Ayurvedic Formula To Enhance Your Skin

A glowing face is often associated with youth and confidence. While we all desire a glowing face, we often find solutions which are chemical based and have some side effects either immediately or in future

But have you ever thought about a face pack that not just rejuvenates your skin, helps your skin get a healthy glow but also is completely chemical free?

Ubtan Face Pack For Glowing Skin is a unique concoction of ayurvedic herbs, that helps you get that healthy glow without any side effects.

#1. For skin whitening

  • Step 1: Take 4 tbsp of besan and mix it with 1 tsp of turmeric
  • Step 2: Add 2 tbsp of curd in the mix and create a thick paste.
  • Step 3: Apply it evenly onto the skin and keep it for 15 minutes. Wash and pat dry

#2. For Glowing Skin

Step 1: Take 1 tbsp of rice flour and mix it 1 tsp of sandalwood powder

Step 2: Mix the formula with ½ tsp of aloe vera gel or milk and create a thin paste

Step 3: Apply it evenly onto the dark areas of your skin and let it dry for 20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water

#3. For Acne Prevention

Step 1: Take 10-12 neem leaves and crush it to form a powder. Add ¼ tsp of turmeric

Step 2:  Take 2-3 tulsi leaves and boil it with water. Add some lavender essential oil and create a paste

Step 3: Evenly apply the mask and let it dry for 20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

#4. For Oily Skin

  • Step 1: Mix 1tsp of multani mitti with honey and curd and form a paste
  • Step 2: Add crushed mint leaves in the batter and mix well
  • Step 3: Apply the pack evenly and let it dry for 20 minutes then rinse it off.