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Pregnancy Baby development across pregnancy trimesters

Baby development across pregnancy trimesters

By manisha   

Pregnancy spans up to 42 weeks across three trimesters. There are changes in baby week by week . In this post we shall take you through these stages of the baby development across the three pregnancy trimesters.

baby development in pregnancy trimesters

baby development in pregnancy trimesters

First Pregnancy Trimester

The first week after fertilization sees the fertilized egg growing into a ball of microscopic cells. This gets implanted on the uterus wall and then starts a series of physical and hormonal change in the mother’s body. Embryonic stage, the period of 3rd to 8th week of the first pregnancy trimester, is the one when most important organs are developed in the body by embryo.

In the 9th week the embryo attains a length of about one inch , and now gets a new name – fetus. Up to end of the first pregnancy trimester the baby keeps on growing through many shapes and sizes , and finally starts resembling more like a human.

Second Pregnancy Trimester

Now is the time for the fetus to make its presence felt, physically. Though it has started its movements with the start of the second pregnancy trimester, its around the 16th week only that the movements become noticeable. Now body fat is being built by the fetus resulting into rapidly increasing weight. By the end of the trimester the fetus grows to a considerable weight (~0.700 kg) and a length of around 10 inches.

Third Pregnancy Trimester

During this final pregnancy trimester the body organs of the fetus mature and it grows largely. The movement is more frequent up till the 32nd week. After this, the fetus grows to such a size which makes it difficult to make much movements inside the uterus. At the end of the trimester, close to the delivery the fetus(in most cases) settles in a head-down position in the uterus , and thus, starts giving the mother sweet discomforts.

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