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Beauty, Hair care Bad habits that can ruin your hair

Bad habits that can ruin your hair

By Glowpink Staff   

Is your hairline receding? If you do not want to get bald early then look back and think about the habits that may have led to hair fall. Sometimes we do not take care of our hair and that leads to hair fall. Read this article till the end to know more about these habits and what should you be doing to avoid those habits. I have also listed down some of the most effective home remedies to stop hair fall.


Scared of hair loss? We’ll tell you the main reasons for hair loss. But before that, check the hair tools you used, and question yourself on the following;

  • The last time you used them.
  • The last time you cleaned them after every use.
  • How clean are your hairbrushes?
  • Is there dirt, grime, and bacteria on your hair tools.
  • Have you cleaned the left-over hair from your brushes and tools once done?


  • With the help of baking soda or clarifying shampoo in warm water, get the brushes cleaned.
  • For straightening tongs and curlers, use a dry cloth and wipe them well after every use.


Washing your hair daily isn’t advised; the process robs the hair and the scalp of essential natural oils, making them dry and brittle. Even when using hot iron flats and curlers for style; the damage done is on the double. Products that claim to be ‘heat protectant’ actually kill the delicate strands and you wouldn’t know about it until too late. Air-drying your hair is anytime better than using curlers and hair-flat-irons.

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  • If you have to use a dryer for your hair, hold it at arm’s length; the moment you feel the heat on your scalp, you should stop or pull the machine away from your head.


Haircare comes from within, hence the right diet, enough of sleep, plenty of water, exercises and more, are important aspects to growing healthy hair. However, at times and with the rat-raced lives we lead, we really tend to ignore the basics, only to complain of thinning or falling hair. A healthy lifestyle is a must for healthy hair to bounce and shine; no shortcuts here!


Please steer clear from products and services that claim to answer your question – how to repair damaged hair overnight – there are no miracle cures for sure!


The weather is too cold outside and hence a hot shower is a must. Did you know? Hot or even warm water can rob the hair of its natural oils; making the hair roots weak and brittle, and the scalp dry. By now you should know this or else forget about flaunting those bouncy heavenly tresses. Hot water is known to be detrimental to hair growth; dehydration from hot water makes the hair snappy- an impetus to hair breakage.


  • Coldwater added to warm water and then used for a hair wash is the best thing to do!


Love to style your hair? Well, we all love to style our hair and keep up with the ongoing trends, however, do you realize that you are damaging your tresses more than ever before? Heat styling tools will definitely give you perfectly straightened or curled hair but it will render the shafts dry and brittle in the long-run. Most of us skip the serum and heat protectant spray and straightaway move on to the heat-based hair styling products.

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  • Air dry your hair and do not use a blow-drier until it turns out to be a dire necessity. Even if you use a hair styling tool then spritz on some heat protectant spray at first and then use your styling tools to minimize the damage. These sprays create a protective layer on top of your hair shafts to keep it soft and shiny.


You may come across hair fall due to some hormonal imbalances going on in their body. You may face certain health problems and that must have led you to take vile doses that ultimately disturb your hormonal balance. Talk to your doctor about the possible side effects of certain drugs before consuming them blindly.


  • Ask your doctor about the worst possible side effect that you may across if you consume a vile dose.


Haircare is no less of a ritual. You have to stick to some basic rules of hair care if you want to get the best results. You need to understand that just like your skin your hair also needs care and you need to be cautious about what haircare tools you should be using. Never ever use a comb when your hair is wet. If you do so, you are bound to experience a lot of hair fall. The roots of the hair are weak when it is wet and if it goes through pulling and tugging it is bound to come off, so wait until it dries up, use a wide-toothed comb at first and then use a normal comb to get rid of hair fall completely in the long run.

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  • Use an old cotton t-shirt to wrap your hair and let it soak up the excess water from your hair strands to quickly dry your hair strands.


Hair color is an obsession for some people, but that again provokes you to torture your hair with a lot of harsh chemicals in the long-run. If you are lucky enough and do not come across hair fall then you can choose any color at random. But, if you love to color your hair and experience hair fall, then you need to keep a check on the colors that you chose. Surprising? Isn’t it? Well, it is a fact that if you stick only to those colors that are the closest to your natural hair color then, you will experience less hair fall as compared to the amount of hair fall that you would come across otherwise.


  • Always o for a hair rebonding treatment post hair color treatment to get soft, smooth and shiny hair.




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