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Beauty secrets of Dream girl

By Glowpink Staff   

Hema malini was the dream girl who ruled the Indian Cinema with her fleeting, rhythmic dance moves, lovely smile and doe-eyed beauty. This legendary actress has aged so gracefully that she can give the current leading actresses a run for their money in the beauty department.

hema malini

She uses aroma oils for keeping her skin glowing and healthy. To maintain healthy tresses, she uses a mixture of coconut oil, amla, tulsi and neem to massage her hair twice a week. Using the Clarins cleansing milk, makes her skin smooth and fresh.

Drinking lots of water is another important aspect of keeping her skin hydrated and radiant.

For fitness, she does cycling, Pranayam for 45 minutes and yoga on every alternate day. She believes in a strict vegetarian diet which consists of roti, dal, vegetables, rice, rasam, dry fruits, paneer, fresh fruits, green tea and occasionally a helping of ghee.

If you want to stay evergreen then try to follow a diet plan like Hema Malini

Go vegan

Cut out meat from your diet and go vegan. Red meat leads to unhealthy weight gain, so, rely on natural sources of protein. Cut out dairy products as well. Switch to low-fat almond milk and soy milk. Hema Malini is a pure vegetarian and this happens to be her beauty secret.

Let your body rest for a while

You must observe a fast once or twice a week. Give your digestive system a break, let your body repair itself. This is one of the oldest and most effective ways to get rid of toxins from your body.

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Consume probiotics

We must consume probiotics to let the good bacteria help you digest food faster. It quickens up your metabolism and helps you to lose weight fast. Hema Malini consumes a bowl of yogurt every day for lunch along with rice, rasam, and a few vegetables.

Keep your body hydrated

You must make it a point to keep your body well hydrated all day long. You can also have fruit juices instead of purified water. Have at least 8-10  glasses of purified water daily just like this evergreen Bollywood diva to retain your youthful glow.

Maintain a strict schedule

Hema Malini always consumes a light meal for dinner every night before 8 P.M every night and makes sure that her meal mostly consists of boiled food items. She does not consume anything after that at night.

Let your skin breathe, do not apply heavy make-up

Hema Malini is well known for her light-weight, easy-breezy signature make-up looks. Unlike most of us, she avoids heavy make-up, she applies aroma oils instead of a primer, foundation, and concealer. She never misses out her kohl and applies a light lip-color.

Dance it out

She is a well-known Bharatnatyam Indian classical dancer, and it is a good form of exercise that helps you to maintain a perfect posture for the rest of your life. If you also want to maintain a good posture then do not stop dancing. It will keep your mind, heart, and body healthy.


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