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Celebs Beauty secrets of Shilpa shetty

Beauty secrets of Shilpa shetty

By Glowpink Staff   

In an interview shilpa shetty revealed her beauty secrets that she follows in regular life

beauty secrets of shilpa shetty

When in a rush: Moisturising takes precedence over make-up. No matter how rushed I am, after I take a shower the one thing I always do is slap on a good moisturiser from head to toe.

AM routine: I believe that whatever you do for your skin has to be internal. I start my day with a glass of warm water, with two aamlas squeezed in. Aamla is very high in Vitamin C and is supposed to be good for hair and skin.

Beauty indulgence: My hair is my crowning glory—I get a blow-dry every two days.

Multitasking mantra: I believe everything happens for the best. I have achieved some impossible things in my life just by believing. I set myself a goal and then just single-mindedly work towards achieving it. I don’t ever give up. And if it’s a bad day I just tell myself ‘this too shall pass’—it works like magic.

Fitness mantra: Before a big shoot, or hitting the red carpet, I go on a no-carb diet for two days. That’s how I lost all my pregnancy weight, too.

Handbag essentials: I always carry Cetaphil moisturiser with me. I don’t wear much make-up but I always do up my lips. I use Kiehl’s lip balm #1 with the Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer in Giggle.

Here we are compiling some tips you can follow:

  • Just like the actress, stop using harsh chemicals and torturing your skin. As a matter of fact, this Bollywood diva does not apply soap or any chemical-based product to cleanse her skin.
  • You can also try out her morning skincare regime, by replacing your regular facial cleanser with a combination of hot and cold water to cleanse your skin. Splash warm water on your face at first and then again wash your face with just cold water. At last, apply an eye cream and a moisturizer to lock in the hydration.
  • At night, you should pamper your skin to wake up to baby soft skin. This Bollywood diva uses a concoction of bio-oil, baby oil, and olive oil to massage her skin at night and then wipe off her face with a towel dipped in warm water.
  • The most important beauty tip shared by this Bollywood diva is to highlight one feature of your face, either your eyes or your lips, do not go overboard by applying to make up all over your face.
  • Shilpa Shetty Kundra advises all the young ladies to get their eyebrows threaded from a reputed salon to avoid the problem of ingrown hair.
  • The secret to her lustrous locks is to keep it natural. She avoids hair styling tools as much as possible as they make the hair strands dry and brittle. Rather than that, she prefers using a blow drier to style her hair.
  • It is rightly said that you become what you eat, this actress makes sure that she does not eat more than the amount of food required by her body. Although she does not follow any strict diet, she makes sure that she eats light at night if she eats a heavy meal during the day.
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