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Beauty Bebo’s zero size diet mantra

Bebo’s zero size diet mantra

By Glowpink Staff   

We all know Kareena as a heroine with zero-size figure, but she was not like that before starting her bollywood career. she was a real chubby punjabi girl.

To gain zero figure she followed a strict diet and fitness programs.

kareena zero size

First let me explain you what is size zero

Size zero means having the following

Bust size of 31.5 inches
23 inches waist
32 inches hip.

Now let us discuss how Kareena achieved this slim body

Kareena’s Yoga routine

Kareena does workout for two hours on a daily basis and it includes power yoga and cardio exercises. Here’s a list of yoga asanas she does:

Surya Namaskara (50 times)
Bikram yoga

This kind of yoga is called hot yoga because it is done in a room that has increased heat and humidity. The standard yoga poses are practised in a room that is heated up to 105 degree F and has 40 percent humidity. The extra heat and humidity of the room helps stretch your muscles and the warm up session becomes shorter. Kareena Kapoor’s yoga workout comprised of 90 minutes of intensive yoga in the heated up room. She practised certain special yoga poses following which, she also went through a process of cooling down by doing meditation.

Naukasana (for abs)
Bhujangasana (for back)
Kapalbharti (breathing exercise)
Parvatsana and Virabhadra (for arms and legs)

Kareena’s Diet Plan

Kareena lives on a 100% vegetarian diet. Her diet is healthy and nutritious and is based on day’s schedule and the amount of physical activity required during the day.

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Unlike most people, she does not start her day with tea or coffee.Her day starts with fruit or milk. For breakfast, Kareena goes for museli or chillah (bread slices) and milk. Every three hours she takes light snack like nuts or soy milk or sandwich with Electral powder.
Lunch for Kareena consists of chapatis and dal with lots of green veggies and minus any rice and fatty foods though she loves cheese and occasionally pairs it up with a sandwich.
During dinner, she keeps it very light: dal with chapati or soup and green salad.
She makes sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses of boiled water every day.
She emphasises on taking in the right and balanced amounts of carbs and proteins.

Meal 1 : A Banana Two hours later

Meal 2 : Roti + Sabzi + Dal Two hours later

Meal 3 : Bowl of curd Two hours later

Meal 4 : Cheese toast Two hours later

Meal 5 : Home-made poha or idli + Nariyal pani and malai Two hours later

Meal 6 : Small bowl of Makhana Two hours later

Meal 7 : Veg pulao with mushrooms, a fresh light subzi or dal or chaas

If you want to look as pretty as Kareena Kapoor then you have to be consistent with the strict diet plan. Along with that, you also have to exercise every day without fail. Follow the instructions of your trainer religiously and cut down the consumption of liquor and processed foods. Remove your make up and then follow a good skin care regime to keep your skin healthy and youthful for a longer duration.

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