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Health, Weight loss Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers

Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers

By Muskan Minda   

Adolescence is an important phase in our lives where our emotions are haywire. We belong to a sensitive group of people who feel and think extra. It is as if the world starts and ends with us and our problems. Teenage years are the most difficult ones as it is the time for mental and physical development and the teens have to make a considerable effort to tackle everything that life throws at them. With age, we will find the right balance but at this point in time, everything is bigger for us.

It is a growing phase and continuous hormonal changes might result in excessive body weight. Special attention is required at this point in time to control our weight so that we look slim and beautiful. It is important to look and feel great and to have a proportioned body weight. It should not turn into an obsession as obsessing with weight loss might create serious repercussions. There are several best ways to lose weight at a faster rate during our teen years and some of them are mentioned below.

Plenty of fluids

Drinking water is the best therapy for losing the extra weight and that too quickly. It hydrates our body and removes the harmful toxins from our system. A minimum of 2-3 liters or 8-12 glasses of water intake on a daily basis is a must to flush out the unwanted toxins.  Along with water, we can also drink other fluids like low-fat milk, green tea and unsweetened fruit juice that have been diluted with water. It is advisable to eat raw fruits instead of fruit juice because the fruits have fiber that is good for our body but the juice does not contain any fiber content. Drinking fluids do not mean drinking aerated drinks, processed juice or soda as they are full of calories and will eventually increase our weight instead of decreasing it.

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Don’t skip meals

Teenagers think that if they skip a meal or two it will surely reduce their weight. It is a serious misconception. It might cause more harm than good. I will advise my fellow teenagers to eat frequent meals in the gap of at least three to four hours. Eating five meals daily in small proportions is good for our body and helps in losing weight.  Frequent and small portions keep the level of blood sugar steady. Scientific journals and studies have confirmed that skipping any meal and especially breakfast is actually harmful to our body as we end up eating too much during lunch.

Stop eating unhealthy food items

Processed food items are unhealthy and prove harmful to our body. No doubt these items look delicious and lip-smacking to teenagers but try to avoid them as much as possible. At least do not make them a part of your daily eating habit. Candies, pies, biscuits, cakes, fries, chips and ice cream are food items that should be avoided as much as you can. Friends, it is all about willpower and determination. They have high sugar content, high cholesterol and saturated fats that results in weight gain.  We are trying to lose weight not gain and hence these items must be replaced with healthy options like fresh fruits and green vegetables. Greek yogurt is also a healthy option as it boosts our rate of metabolism and leads to fast weight loss.

No late night snacking

It is good to have our dinner by 7.30 to 8.30 pm. If you are still awake at a later time and feeling hungry go for a cup of tea or warm water or yogurt. Stop munching at late nights as whatever we eat during that time is stored in our body as fats. Stop snacking during late hours and you will see a marked difference in your body weight.

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Be aware of the intake quantity

Sometimes we are sitting with friends and family and do not keep a check on our eating. It is not good for our body. Always be aware of how much you are eating. Go for a smaller plate and if confused try to divide the quantity into portions and eat a smaller one. For fast results always keep your eyes on the amount of food you are eating.


Walking is the best exercise you can indulge in. it is the fastest, greatest and simplest way of burning calories. Walking should be an integral part of teenage lives especially teenagers who are looking for ways to decrease their weight. Start by walking a mile and gradually increase the distance a bit by bit every day. Rome was not built in a single day. It must be a gradual and continuous process to get desired results.

Regular exercise

We must exercise daily because physical activity is vital to keep our body and mind fit. Follow a simple and regular regime that you can easily make a part of your life. School and colleges might not allow much of free time. Swimming, running on treadmills, dips, crunches, squats can be done at home and do not require going to a physical center. Dancing is also a great form of exercise that reduces weight considerably.

Eating a balanced diet

The best way to lose weight for a teenager and that too quickly is to follow a regime that includes a balanced diet. Foods with high fiber content like apples, whole-grain cereals, whole bread, vegetables and fruits keep hunger pangs at bay and reduce calorie consumption. High iron items like rice, Pasta, cereals, beans, asparagus, spinach, poultry, beef, nuts, green peas, eggs, pork, and oysters also facilitates quick weight loss in teenagers. Calcium-rich food items are necessary for bone development and hence replace aerated drinks with milk and items like low-fat cottage cheese, hard cheese, and yogurt.

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Teenage years are full of doubts and uncertainties. If you want to lose weight quickly do not go for medications or surgery as it may prove harmful in the long run. Be patient and follow the basic rule of exercise and balanced diet. This will yield fast and permanent results. Have faith and you will get the desired results.



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