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Beauty, Hair care Biggest mistakes that you should avoid while washing hair

Biggest mistakes that you should avoid while washing hair

By Glowpink Staff   

#Mistake 1 – Washing your hair with hot water

If you wash your hair with hot water, change this habit today as hot water will pull all moisture from your hair and leave it dry. Always wash your hair with cold normal water to keep your hair moisture locked

#Mistake 2 –  Not giving enough time to hairs to soak in the water before shampoo

Always before applying shampoo, wet your hair and give them enough time to soak water. If you are not doing so,  it is a serious hair washing mistake that you are committing.

#Mistake 3 – Applying lot of shampoo

You need to apply shampoo only on scalp and once you get foam, no need to apply more shampoo. If you believe that you will get shiny hair with shampoo, that is not true.

#Mistake 4 – Wash hair within 4-5 minutes only

Whoever washes hair in less than 5 minutes (which includes conditioning) is not doing justice to their tresses. You don’t have to slap tons of shampoo on your head and rinse it with cold water. Take some time and massage your scalp with fingertips in circular motions.

#Mistake 5 – Not applying conditioner

If you believe that you have naturally silky hair and you do not need conditioner, you are doing a big mistake. Shampoo pulls all natural oils from hair and it is necessary to restore it. Apply first at the very bottom of your hair and then move along till the mid-shaft.

You should also apply some conditioner on hair before shampoo also, you will get awesome result

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#Mistake 6 – Wash your hair everyday

You should not wash your everyday, otherwise they will become dry, frizzy and very difficult to manage.

#Mistake 7 – Combing your hair when it is wet

You must never comb your hair when it is wet. If you do so, you will face more hair fall than usual. The roots of your hair are weak when wet and if you apply pressure on your hair strands, it will come off from the shafts.

#Mistake 8 – Skipping a hair serum

Hair serums add the extra shine and nourishment to your tresses. It is an essential step of hair care that some of us tend to skip out often. Well, now it is time to add a hair serum if you have not used any until now.

#Mistake 9 – Not using a hair vitaliser

If you face hairfall, then try to use a water-based hair vitaliser every alternate night before going to bed. Hair vitalisers are loaded with the goodness of vitamins and essential nutrients that strengthen the roots of your hair.

#Mistake 10 – Using a lot of hair-styling tools

If you use a lot of hair care products, then apply a heat protectant spray before using a hair curler or a hair straightening iron.

#Mistake 11 – Rubbing your hair with a towel

You should not rub your tresses with a towel. Instead of that, you can just use a cotton t-shirt. The best way to dry your hair is by squeezing out excess water from your tresses and then wrapping it up with a cotton t-shirt for a while. It will absorb all the excess oil from your hair, then let it open and air-dry your hair. If you have to use a blow-dryer then spritz on some heat protectant spray before using it.

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