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Beauty, Hair care, Hair color How To Do Blonde Highlights At Home With Natural DIY Recipes

How To Do Blonde Highlights At Home With Natural DIY Recipes

By Muskan Minda   

We all love to see a beautiful shade of color on our hair. The single shade is attractive no doubt but it can be made to look more enticing by adding highlights. We can easily achieve the highlighted streaks at home with natural DIY recipes. It just needs some time and effort and voila, you are ready with a new gorgeous look.

Choosing the right shade

The first step is the most difficult one and it is all about choosing the correct shade. The blonde shade comes in several variants and it is up to us to choose the one which we want on our hair. It is better to opt for the herbal product as it does not cause too much of a harm to the hair.

Bleach your hair

 How To:

  1. Wear an old dress so that any spill does not spoil your dress.
  2. Now take the strands of hair which you want to highlight and separate it with help of clips.
  3. Take a toothbrush and dip it in the bleach and apply it on the strands which you have already separated.
  4. Leave it for thirty minutes.
  5. Rinse it with normal water.
  6. Dry it completely.
  7. Your hair is now ready for color highlights.

Performing a strand test

Friends, I always recommend a strand test before applying color to your hair. It is a safety measure which should never be ignored. Before applying color to the rest of your hair you just need to test it on a single stand at the tips to ensure that you will like the chosen shade and that it is safe for you.

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Highlighting your hair

How To:

  1. Read the instructions carefully on the box and mix the blonde colors in a bowl accordingly and exactly. The instructions are always clear and precise and hence can be easily followed.
  2. If you are just highlighting the hair and you have already sectioned and parted it for bleaching purpose then half of your work is already done.
  3. Take a color applicator and dip it inside the bowl.
  4. Now take the strands which need to be highlighted one by one and apply the color to
  5. Start from the roots and make your way towards the tip.
  6. Make sure all the strands are properly clipped with help of clips.
  7. This will separate the strands from the rest of the hair and the colors will not mix.
  8. Leave it for thirty minutes or read the instructions and do as it says on the box.
  9. Rinse it away with normal water.

Taking care of your highlights

  1. Wash your hair less frequently as it will start losing the blonde color with repeated shampoo.
  2. You can use dry shampoo or at times only the conditioner and not the shampoo on your hair.
  3. Several shampoo and conditioners are available that are specially made for colored Better use them as it will help in long-lasting hair color.
  4. Our hair becomes vulnerable after the use of bleach and colors hence make sure you are using a hair toner. This retains the moisture content of the hair and keeps it hydrated.




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