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Beauty, Skin care Cabbage face Mask For Blemish Free Glowing Skin

Cabbage face Mask For Blemish Free Glowing Skin

By Muskan Minda   

Homemade face packs are very common nowadays as people are more and more preferring natural ingredients to enhance their beauty. One such vegetable is cabbage that is being used to create a face mask beneficial for removing blemishes from the skin so that it looks beautiful and bright.

Cabbage + Milk Face Mask

How To:

  1. Take less than half of a small cabbage and chop it.
  2. Take a cup of milk in a pan and place it on low flame.
  3. When the milk starts boiling add the chopped cabbage to it and keep stirring until it gets an even and thick consistency.
  4. Switch off the burner and let it cool properly.
  5. Apply this mixture when fully cooled to your face as a mask with help of a brush.
  6. Leave it on for twenty minutes to dry so that the good nutrients seep inside the pores.
  7. Wash your face with normal water and pat it dry.

How it Works:

Cabbage has healing properties that remove the dead cells, bacteria and dull skin from the clogged pores that are the reason for blemishes. It has antioxidant properties that cure skin problems and makes it glow. Milk is rich in fatty acids that provide the goodness of nutrients to the body. It also acts as a bleaching and hydrating agent and thus clears the skin from blemishes and makes it look radiant.

Cabbage + Egg White + Tomato Juice + Olive Oil +Rice Flour Face Mask

How To:

  1. In a blender add five leaves of washed cabbage and one chopped tomato or juice of one tomato.
  2. Separate the egg white and add it to the blender.
  3. Churn it once and then add one tbsp of olive oil to it.
  4. Add two tbsp of rice flour and blend it properly once again.
  5. The mixture must be of thick consistency so that it does not
  6. If you think that it is not so you can add a bit of rice powder to thicken it.
  7. Take a brush and apply it on the face.
  8. Leave it for twenty minutes and wash it away with normal water.

How it Works:

Cabbage is rich in vitamin C, E, and A that works as a cleansing agent. It is used as a poultice because it has skin healing properties that can easily cure problems like blemishes, acne, rashes, wounds etc. Cabbage stimulates the production of Collagen and thus is very advantageous for our body. Rice flour works as an exfoliant and scrubs away the impurities and blemish. Olive oil hydrates and moisturizes the skin making it look soft and smooth. Tomato juice is acidic by nature and acts as natural bleach. It lightens the skin tone and makes the complexion bright. Egg white is rich in nutrients that help to tighten the skin and bring about a shine to it. This is one of the most popular recipes involving cabbage that helps to remove blemishes and increase its fairness.

The homemade packs are natural, inexpensive and easily made and of course, the ingredients are available in our own kitchen. Friends, this is the time to take a hard look at your skin and decide which face pack is suitable for your problem.



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