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Beautiful eye lashes

Miraculous castor oil serum to get long beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes

Fluttering long lashes have always been every girl’s dream. Those barbie-like eyelashes make us a quest for getting the perfect mascara or even fake lashes. What’re good eyelashes without good eyebrows? So it is fairly clear how important are those few strands around our eye. They may seem very trivial, but play very important in […]

3 Amazing Natural Remedies to Grow Thicker Eyelashes Faster

Thick, long eyelashes always look beautiful. They also make your eyes look beautiful. Getting those eyelashes at home is extremely easy. You do not have to have to use artificial eyelashes any longer. Try our three simple home remedies. Lemon and Castor Oil for Thicker Eyelashes Why use lemon and castor oil? Lemon is rich […]

Miraculous home remedies for getting long beautiful eyelashes faster

In the time when selfies are literally so popular, most of us want to get that perfect one which makes everyone think you’re some kind of beauty goddess, right? And so our search starts from our eyes because that’s our most prominent feature. Not only this, but you’ve also heard that eyes are the window […]

3 Amazing Natural Remedies To Get A Long Beautiful Eyelashes

Lashes are beautiful and attractive to almost everyone and envying long and thick lashes is something that we all do. Year’s have passed and let us today break the bubble. “You can help your eyelashes growth’  and we today have got 3 amazing natural remedies to get long and beautiful eyelashes. Let’s have a look. […]

How to Use Egg Whites to get Beautiful Long Eyelashes at Home

Most people desire long and beautiful eyelashes. It is not simple as some people may have genetically long eyelashes while some have thinner eyelashes. However, there are certain remedies which will help in making the eyelashes grow thicker and fuller. Castor Oil and Egg White How to: Crack open an egg. Separate the egg white […]

Natural Remedies for beautiful eyelashes

Eyelashes are often beautified with mascaras or fake ones. But who wouldn’t want to be a natural beauty? Read on to find out ways of growing pretty and attractive eyelashes naturally. Castor oil Required: Castor oil- a little Mascara Brush – 1 Method: Take required quantity of castor oil and apply it in your eyelashes […]

Home remedies to treat a white bump on eyelid

Eye bumps or eye style are common diseases that occur on the eyes, on the lids. It makes it tough to sleep, see and worse of all, makes us look sick all the time. Technically, it is caused by excess bacteria and puss, so it, in fact, a sickness. But it is common and can […]

How to use castor oil for eyebrows

Castor oil is widely used for hair growth. They are part of many beauty products and are filled with nutrients and minerals. This makes it a number one go-to option for all hair related treatments. Castor oil can not only fix your hair, it can also treat your eyebrows. Thick eyebrows, long and sharp that […]

Natural Tips For Long Eyelashes

At some point in time, all of us must have wished to have long eyelashes. They provide us the most dramatic look every and also makes us look more than just pretty. There are various tools like eyelash curler and makeup products like mascara are available in the market but none of them give you […]