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Amazing Home Treatments with Beer to Control Baldness at Home

According to many types of research, beer contains a mineral called silica, which is known to add volume to your hair by making it thicker. Apart from silica, beer contains other minerals such as copper, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and also vitamin B. Beer thus fulfils all your hair’s mineral needs thus helping hair to grow […]

Super-effective natural smoothies which can help hair restore their lost original color

Smoothies are not just a glass of pure taste and healthiness. A specially made smoothie can make your skin glow brighter, improve your strength and also make your hair retain its original colour if it’s getting grey or white prematurely. Here are five smoothies which are not only delicious to drink but will also make […]

Super-effective Hair Oil & Serum which can Stop Hair fall and boost hair growth in just 2 Weeks

If you are frustrated with hair fall and the slow growth of hair then this post will prove to be a boon for you. Today we are sharing a fast action quick result home remedy which will help you stop hair fall at the comfort of your home, and too without shelling any big amount. […]

Amazing Home Remedies with Garlic to Reverse Premature Whitening of Hair

Garlic may smell really bad but it is very beneficial for our body, hair and skin. Here are a few remedies involving garlic which will help you if you are suffering from premature whitening of your hair. Garlic Oil How To: Take three four cloves of garlic and lightly press it with a spoon or […]

How to color your hair blonde naturally at home

In summer, everyone wants to have light hairs. It helps to have light hairs in a warmer atmosphere. As a result, many people go for chemicals related solutions which do help in getting the desired hairs but also leaves your hair damaged. These things tend to have a bad effect in the longer run. So, […]

Miraculous home treatment with potato peels for premature grey hair

Greying of hair happens when melanocytes, the cells in hair which produces pigmentation in hair stop producing the melanin. When a hair strand grows the melanocytes naturally produce melanin. Normally with growing age, it stops producing that. The early or premature greying of hair is very common nowadays. There are several factors responsible for this, […]

Permanent Hair Straightening At Home Using Natural Ingredients

Today in this post we are sharing a natural DIY hair straightening cream which you can easily prepare and use at home. The best part of this cream is that it needs only natural ingredients commonly found in every household. Still, it is so effective that many have got great results from the first use […]

Amazing way to do hair spa at home with all natural ingredients!

Today in this post we are sharing an all natural ingredients hair spa procedure which you can easily do at home and make your hair shiny and silky in a very pocket-friendly way: Step 1: Hair Oiling For this one can use any regular hair oil, as per the length of your hair. Before starting, […]

Best HAIR WASH ROUTINE for Healthy & Thick HAIR

Here is a proven set of do’s and don’ts incorporated into the best hair wash routine for healthy and thick hair: Before washing your hair comb them properly to avoid their tangling For hair wash, always use normal or lukewarm water. Before applying shampoo make sure all your hair are properly wet. Always dilute your shampoo […]

Amazing flour methods for straightening hair at home

No matter how many new styles come and go, straight hair stays forever. It is one style that never goes out of date. But to get straight hair temporarily or permanently, one has to expose hair to extreme heat and chemicals, this often leads us to the conclusion of missing the straight hair. Imagine no […]