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How to color your hair blonde naturally at home

In summer, everyone wants to have light hairs. It helps to have light hairs in a warmer atmosphere. As a result, many people go for chemicals related solutions which do help in getting the desired hairs but also leaves your hair damaged. These things tend to have a bad effect in the longer run. So, […]

3 Amazing rice water home remedies for shiny and smooth hair

A glass of rice is all that is needed for smooth and shiny hair. Shocked about the easily available remedy? Just soak some rice in water, and you have rice water for hair treatment, that has been Asia’s best kept ancient secret to solving all the hair related problems. This is definitely a must try […]

Amazing coconut milk method to straighten your hairs naturally at home

Straight hair is always in style and people desire the untangled, sleek, simple, and the chic look that it gives almost with no efforts. It eliminates the bad and frizzy hair day giving confidence throughout the day. However, when opting for harsh permanent styling treatments can damage the hair fossils, texture, and originality. Thus, we […]

3 amazing natural ways to use mustard oil to get beautiful healthy hair

We all want black, shiny and thick hair but the pollution, eating habits, use of different products that contain chemicals and the heat from straightener, curlers, and dryers, that we use has been destroying our hair condition. They lose their smoothness, luster, thickness. we develop split ends, hair becomes weak resulting in hair fall or […]

Amazing hibiscus flower and fenugreek seeds anti-baldness hair pack

Hibiscus, commonly also known as China Rose is considered sacred, having well known medicinal properties. Hair fall is a major problem can be treated easily with hibiscus as it controls the hair loss extensively. Baldness and hair loss are two problems which none of us would want, therefore, using fenugreek and hibiscus both homely ingredients […]

DIY recipe to naturally color your hair chocolate brown at home

Most of us use different ways to color our hair; some get it done in a salon, or others buy a ready-made box and do it themselves at home. However, all these hair dyes which are available in the market contains a lot of damaging and potentially toxic chemicals. Therefore, the only way to get […]

How To Use Aloe Vera To Get Natural Straight Hair At Home

Straight hair is sheerly a god’s gift to you. When beauty and shine can come so natural, who wouldn’t like it? But unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with this particular gift. Though, where there is a will, there is a way. So here are few amazing Aloe Vera recipes that can get you […]

3 DIY natural leave in conditioner recipes to get shiny hair

Hair needs more than just good cleaning and maintaining. Needs good care with good products. Shiny and smooth hair is not easy to attain. One needs to take proper care with proper ingredients. Artificial ingredients with chemicals will definitely not help your hair, they might seem like it, but at the end, they do more […]

Homemade Flax seed oil tonic which is very effective for premature white hair

It must be a heartbreak for you when you see in the mirror for the first time with your first premature white hair. A lot of cosmetic products awaits you. But, they cause several side effects. Don’t worry you can turn back to your beautiful black hairs by sitting at home. without any pain treat […]

Amazing Garlic Drink Which Can Help Hair Get Back Their Natural Color

Our hair is meant to be our crowning glory. With a healthy, beautiful-looking mane, we feel confident and full of life. Garlic has a pretty strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect on your hair. As hair loss can result from an infection of the skin or hair follicles, applying garlic juice to the scalp could be […]