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Natural “Clove and black tea” dye to hide your gray hairs

Gray hairs ? You don’t want it. You want your hair to be black and shiny. So I am telling you about this herbal hair dye that will hide your gray hair. This dye will give you natural black color and nourish your hair. It is purely herbal and chemical free dye, so no damage […]

This will not remove your white hairs, but make them naturally black

Although many hair dyes claim they can cover white hairs, the truth is that they’re an expensive and ineffective solution which is also harmful as they contain a dangerous amount of chemicals. In order to get rid of white hair, it’s best to use natural remedies and luckily for you, we have the best! The […]

She tried tomato juice to color hair and results as you can see results are shocking

I have already told you many time that hair dye available in market are full of harsh chemicals and in long time they can damage your scalp and skin, so it is better to avoid them and follow natural way I have told you how can you use lemon juice for blonde hair color and […]

This recipe will give you perfect hair

These days almost everyone is using hair color but we all know they are not good for our hair and skin. Doctors also suggest to avoid these harmful chemicals. How To Use Coffee To Dye Your Hair. They are more dangerous for women. 87 to 100 of women, who colored their hair during a long time […]

How to naturally dye your hair with coffee (For all hair types)

Many hair dyes are available in market but they can seriously damage your hair and skin both, best possible way is to keep your hair color routine natural. Today I will tell you how can you use coffee to dye your hair naturally. If you want blonde hair color, coffee is the best natural ingredient […]

Amazing home recipe to dye your hair naturally

For this you need 3 Kool-Aid sachet Water Direction Add 2 cups of water in a bowl Put it on flame to boil Once water starts to boil, add 3 sachet of Kool-Aid Mix it, until it is fully dissolved Separate this mix into 2 bowls Dip your hair in this mix for 7 minutes […]

Herbs that you can use to dye your hair naturally

Blonde Blonde hair will usually take up more color that most others. Lemon juice works well for light blonde and some darker blondes. A tea made from chamomile andcalendula will work for darker blonde types. Rhubarb root makes golden honey tones. Simmer the root in water and cool. Use as you would with other tea […]

Guidelines for self hair-coloring

So now you have made up your mind to go for self hair-coloring at home. You have talked to your best friend to take advantage of her rich experience. Has she advised you well enough? We are sharing some very basic things people ignore when they do self hair-coloring and often end up in a bad […]

Use cinnamon to naturally color your hair

Hair color available in market contain lot of chemicals, color looks good after application but they are very harsh for you scalp. In long term they damage quality of your hair. Best way is to color your hair in natural way, they give you desired hair color and also improves your quality of your hair. […]

6 Do’s and Dont’s if you are planning of hair color

Here is the list of do’s and dont’s if you are planning to color your hair 1. If you are planning for straightening/rebonding and coloring at the same time, first get the straightening done, and follow up with coloring so that the color doesn’t fade. 2. Don’t oil your hair for 2 weeks after the […]