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Amazing ginger garlic theory to treat hair thinning at home

Hairs are a very precious part of one’s body. Like your body, your hairs also require good care. Many people face problems of hair fall. There are many reasons due to which your hairs are falling or breaking. One of them is thinning of your hair. When your hairs become very thin, they break easily. […]

Amazing hibiscus flower and fenugreek seeds anti-baldness hair pack

Hibiscus, commonly also known as China Rose is considered sacred, having well known medicinal properties. Hair fall is a major problem can be treated easily with hibiscus as it controls the hair loss extensively. Baldness and hair loss are two problems which none of us would want, therefore, using fenugreek and hibiscus both homely ingredients […]

Egg White and Hibiscus flower hair mask to get shiny smooth hair at home

Hibiscus is great for your hair growth and increasing volume. The amino acids and Vitamin C present in the Hibiscus helps in hair growth along with egg whites. 1.Hibiscus and Egg white Hair Oil For Hair Growth Egg whites help to boost the hair growth and leads to shiny and smoother hair. The vitamin C […]

3 Amazing Natural Remedies to Control Hair Fall at Home

Hair fall is a common problem that affects many. It is essential to deal with this condition. But beauty products mostly damage the hair and are harmful to it. So here are 3 amazing natural remedies to control hair fall at home. Neem The antibacterial properties of neem help to promote hair growth. Neem also […]

How to cure hair thinning at home with natural ingredients

Be it a man or a woman, everyone wants those thick tresses over which makes everyone go gaga. But it is really disappointing when you see your hair thinning, whatever the reason may be. Whenever you run your hand through your beloved hair, some of the strands always comes out. Don’t even get me started […]

How to use curry leaves to make your hair grow long and strong

Many women desire to have a beautiful, long, and shiny hair. But due to the pollutants, improper diet, stress and some genetical problems, their wish may not be fulfilled. All these free radicals damage the scalp which results in hair damage and hair fall. Curry leaf is an amazing ingredient which is the best remedy […]

Super Effective Hair Repairing Protein Packs to Treat Damaged Hair at Home

Our hair may get damaged for many reasons. We constantly expose our hair to damaging external factors like heat and pollution. Using hot tools to style the hair also creates split ends and prevents the hair from growing. There are certain natural ingredients which can be added to hair care in order to prevent the […]

How to Use Grape Seed Oil to get Smooth and Shiny Hair at Home

Oils are the best way of achieving beautiful and shiny hair. Grape seed oil can also be used for making the hair strong and beautiful. Grape Seed and Honey Mixture How to: Take ½ cup of honey. Add 1/4th cup of grapeseed oil to it. Mix well. Add 1/4th cup of lemon juice. Mix well. […]

How To Use Aloe Vera To Get Natural Straight Hair At Home

Straight hair is sheerly a god’s gift to you. When beauty and shine can come so natural, who wouldn’t like it? But unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with this particular gift. Though, where there is a will, there is a way. So here are few amazing Aloe Vera recipes that can get you […]

Effective olive oil hair spa method at home to get silky soft hair

Are you worried about the dry and frizzy hair? Then, your hair needs proper care as it is regularly subjected to various pollutants. Hair spa is a very good relaxing way for your hair as it provides nutrients and nourishes it. After the hair spa, your hair is moisturized well feels much softer than ever […]