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Permanent Hair Straightening At Home Using Natural Ingredients

Today in this post we are sharing a natural DIY hair straightening cream which you can easily prepare and use at home. The best part of this cream is that it needs only natural ingredients commonly found in every household. Still, it is so effective that many have got great results from the first use […]

Amazing flour methods for straightening hair at home

No matter how many new styles come and go, straight hair stays forever. It is one style that never goes out of date. But to get straight hair temporarily or permanently, one has to expose hair to extreme heat and chemicals, this often leads us to the conclusion of missing the straight hair. Imagine no […]

3 Amazing rice water home remedies for shiny and smooth hair

A glass of rice is all that is needed for smooth and shiny hair. Shocked about the easily available remedy? Just soak some rice in water, and you have rice water for hair treatment, that has been Asia’s best kept ancient secret to solving all the hair related problems. This is definitely a must try […]

How to use olive oil to cure baldness at home

Baldness or hair loss is definitely a big deal for all of us. And to get rid of this serious problem, we try a lot of products which are available in the market. But we forget this that even after spending thousands of rupees on artificial products, they do cure our problem of baldness or […]

Amazing coconut milk method to straighten your hairs naturally at home

Straight hair is always in style and people desire the untangled, sleek, simple, and the chic look that it gives almost with no efforts. It eliminates the bad and frizzy hair day giving confidence throughout the day. However, when opting for harsh permanent styling treatments can damage the hair fossils, texture, and originality. Thus, we […]

3 Amazing Natural Methods For Hair Straightening at Home

Most of the people opt for ‘rebounding’, or ‘smoothening’ of hair to give their frizzy tangles or wavy hair a much more appealing and tidier look. However, little do most of us tend to realize that the use of hair straightening rods and going for such harmful chemical treatments can damage our hair more than […]

How to cure hair thinning at home with natural ingredients

Be it a man or a woman, everyone wants those thick tresses over which makes everyone go gaga. But it is really disappointing when you see your hair thinning, whatever the reason may be. Whenever you run your hand through your beloved hair, some of the strands always comes out. Don’t even get me started […]

How To Use Banana To Get Straight And Silky Hair At Home

Silky and straight hair is always in style and fashion. If you are yearning for it then follow some homemade recipes made from a banana that will help in fulfilling your dreams. Banana+ Papaya How To: Take one ripe banana, peel, and cut and put it in a blender. Take equal amount of ripe papaya, […]

How To Use Aloe Vera To Get Natural Straight Hair At Home

Straight hair is sheerly a god’s gift to you. When beauty and shine can come so natural, who wouldn’t like it? But unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with this particular gift. Though, where there is a will, there is a way. So here are few amazing Aloe Vera recipes that can get you […]

How to use green tea to get a rapid hair growth naturally

Besides being an excellent drink, green tea is also an excellent remedy to get a rapid hair growth and to make them softer, shinier and stronger. And these are probably the most known benefits of the miraculous ingredients. So here we have compiled some of the benefits of Green tea and some easy ways on […]