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Dark circles

Miraculous coffee olive oil face mask for a naturally radiant skin

Use these simple recipes with coffee and olive oil to get radiant skin. Mask #1 with Milk Take a bowl filled with 3 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee seeds powder. Make sure it is freshly brewed and natural. Add 2 tablespoons of raw milk into the bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of fresh, virgin olive oil. […]

3 Amazing ways to use Orange peel powder to make you skin tone lighter

Although we all take adequate measures so that our skin tone remains lighter, at the end of the day still there might be instances the skin becomes darker than its usual tone. It can be due to Daily stress due to work, home-related issues, etc. Need to go out at times when the harsh sunrays […]

3 Miraculous Skin Whitening Home Remedies With All Natural Ingredients You Must Try

Who doesn’t wish for a flawless skin? All of us surely do and who says wishes don’t come true! Well, any sort of blemishes and marks can hinder your confidence and no matter how hard you try, the chemicals are not going to help you. So we have got you 3 miraculous skin whitening home […]

Miracle DIY remedies with potatoes to make your dark circles vanish

Let us see a few simple home remedies with potato to get rid of dark circles. Recipe #1 with Coffee Beans Take a fresh bowl of coffee beans and grind them. Add 3 tablespoons of the powder in a clean dry bowl. Take half a potato, boil it and mash it well to a fine […]

Super-effective cucumber orange DIY method for lightening the skin tone

Today we will see a few simple recipes with Cucumber and Orange to lighten the skin tone. Recipe #1 with Honey Cut cucumber into slices for mashing. Mash it well and grind to form a juice. Remove peels from orange to dry them in sun. Once they have dried, grind them and make a fine […]

3 Miraculous Home Remedies with Aloe Vera to get fair and Gorgeous Skin

Our skin develops several problems due to the kind of exposure we get. Pollution can damage the skin. Sun exposure results in pigmentation and skin sensitivity. We also tend to use cosmetics on our skin which harm the skin cells. To get beautifully balanced skin, one can make use of several natural products. One such […]

Super-effective Tomato Remedies To Get rid of Facial Dark Spots at Home

As soon as you enter your 20s, the stress and pollution level take a toll on your skin, and you end up developing acne, zits, wrinkles, etc.  Then facial dark spots start showing up which makes the facial skin appear dull. Do you know you can quickly treat those annoying facial dark spots with a […]

How to use turmeric and gram flour for skin lightening at home  

Gram flour has been used across Asia as both a homemade beauty and an exfoliant treatment to brighten and lighten skin. Brides a few days prior to their marriage are treated to a sesame oil, turmeric powder, and gram flour body scrub, as part of their wedding rituals. There are numerous skin brightening recipes that […]

3 Super-effective Natural Home Remedies To Remove Dark Spots From Skin

Both men and women can get dark spots. As soon as you turn 20, you might observe certain dark spots that have started appearing on your facial skin. Age spots, chicken pox scars, zit spots – whatever you tend to call them, they develop into dark spots when left untreated for a long time. If […]

How to Use Turmeric to Get Rid of Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags

Dark circles and under eye bags are often caused by stress. Sometimes this condition is genetic. It is always essential to get rid of these dark circles. The best way to do so is by using turmeric. Benefits of Turmeric for Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags Turmeric is rich in curcumin. This helps to […]