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Dark elbows

Miraculous body scrubs which can be prepared at home using natural ingredients

Scrubs are amazing for exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells. Most of us spend thousands of rupees in buying these scrubs from the market but only a few of us know that these scrubs can be made at home with some natural ingredients without spending much money. These scrubs are extremely easy to […]

How to naturally lighten darkened knees and elbows with home remedies

Do your elbows and knees look dark and scruffy too? The pigmentation of the skin in that area can be caused by sun or by dead skin cells accumulating there and sometimes even age is a factor that might be responsible for it or even certain skin conditions or infections can be considered as a […]

Coconut oil and salt trick to lighten the skin tone of hands

You cannot get better ingredients than coconut oil and salt when you want to get dry and dull skin and get a lighter and brighter skin. These two ingredients help to exfoliate the skin which makes the skin extremely soft and brighter. According to some, it was the bathing ritual of Queen of Nile and […]

Homemade Skin Lightening Serum With Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an age-old remedy for all sorts of skin problems. We all know how ineffective those commercially advertised skin lightening creams are! But hey, it is indeed possible to get back your old shine and glow just by using this heavenly ingredient ALOE VERA. Here are few homemade skin lightening Aloe Vera serum that […]

How to use sandalwood to get rid of dark patches from skin

Sandalwood is a powerhouse of anti-bacterial and bleaching properties that can be used to lighten the dark patches on your skin naturally. It is completely safe-to-use, this traditional ingredient is easily available and highly effective. Sandalwood is not only used for lightening dark patches but is a perfect choice in treating acne and treating other […]

Yogurt Honey brightening gel for beautiful hands and feet

Beauty is a wholesome package. It is not just about your face. A person is considered beautiful when they have a uniform complexion, smooth body and are overall healthy. So, it is not enough to just concentrate on your face and neck. Every other part of the body also needs equal importance. Two of those […]

Benefits of Amla Juice To Skin

Amla, otherwise known as Indian Gooseberry is a seasonal fruit that is sour but good for health. It is surely one of the great fruits of India and is liked by many. It is extremely healthy given its antioxidant property and Vitamin C content. However, the lesser known fact is that Amla can be used […]

How To Get Rid Of Rough Skin On Elbows

Are you embarrassed and tense because of rough and dark skin on elbows? No need as I will be sharing some homemade recipes made with natural ingredients that will solve your problem quite effectively. Turmeric + Honey + Raw Milk To Get Rid Of Rough Skin On Elbows How To: Take one tbsp of raw […]

Natural Home Remedies to Lighten Sun Tanned Arms

Summer is usually considered the most pleasant season of them all. It is warm and breezy, perfect to bring out all your cute dresses. Although all this sounds nice, in a country like India where summer is pretty much the season all through the year with it becoming hotter and hotter, one has to pay […]

Home remedies based on onion benefits for beauty

Onion is the popular vegetable that makes you cry all the time. But it is the most essential. In cooking, onion is like the king. There is no taste without onion and it is the best spicy vegetable out there. Did you know that onion go long way, beyond your kitchens? Onions can be used […]