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Dark Underarms

3 miraculous remedies which can remove the darkness in the underarm area with natural ingredients

No matter how clean you maintain them, dark underarms that do not match your skin tone will always be a big setback to wear any dress you like. So, don’t just shave it, clean it and nurture it. Use the below three easy and quick remedies every week to get amazing toned dark-free underarms in […]

3 Simple Yet Effective Natural Remedies to Remove Darkness from Armpit Area at Home

Dark armpits are a common problem suffered by many individuals. Dark underarms can be caused by various reasons but the most common cause of underarms darkness is due to the application of harsh chemicals. Application of underarms hair removal cream damages the skin and leads to pigmentation which can be hard to get rid of. […]

How to use corn flour to make underarms skin lightening cream at home

Everyone likes to flaunt with their favorite sleeveless and spaghetti? But, sometimes they may be hesitated to wear this because of the dark underarms. No need to worry about this dark arms as there are multiple remedies to lighten your dark armpits. In this article, we provided you natural remedies with the easily available kitchen ingredients. […]

3 DIY methods to get rid of unwanted hairs from underarms

Underarms hair is one of the most unwanted problems that people in their young age face. People and especially women have used a variety of ways from shaving to laser hair removal but what about natural methods? Without lasers, without harsh hair removal creams, and without any risk of razor cut! Gladly, we have a […]

Top 3 Home Remedies to Lighten the Skin Tone of Dark Underarms

Our underarms may develop pigmentation due to a variety of reasons. The most common reason is the application of wrong cosmetics which damage the skin over time. Hair removal creams are very irritating to the skin and lead to pigmentation. No matter how natural they claim to be, they contain plenty of chemicals which remove […]

Homemade Skin Lightening Serum With Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an age-old remedy for all sorts of skin problems. We all know how ineffective those commercially advertised skin lightening creams are! But hey, it is indeed possible to get back your old shine and glow just by using this heavenly ingredient ALOE VERA. Here are few homemade skin lightening Aloe Vera serum that […]

Amazing Ways to Use Potato to lighten the Darkness of Underarms

Our underarms may be darkened due to many reasons. Our underarms are constantly exposed to sweat and dirt. If we do not take care of the skin then it can turn pigmented. Here are some natural remedies which make use of potato powder to get rid of dark underarms. Potato and Orange Peel Powder How […]

How to use sandalwood to get rid of dark patches from skin

Sandalwood is a powerhouse of anti-bacterial and bleaching properties that can be used to lighten the dark patches on your skin naturally. It is completely safe-to-use, this traditional ingredient is easily available and highly effective. Sandalwood is not only used for lightening dark patches but is a perfect choice in treating acne and treating other […]

Super Effective Potato Trick To Whiten Your Underarms At Home

Dark underarms are the result of excess sweating, dead skin, deodorants, sunrays, and friction. Are you aware that potato is a great ingredient to remove the darkness from the underarms and whiten them naturally? Potato +Tomato How To: Take one tomato, wash and put in a blender. Now take a potato, peel and wash and […]

5 natural ways to lighten your underarms at home

If you really want to rock your sleeveless dresses than you have come to a right place! The most common problem that every person faces while going for a sleeveless dress is the underarms. Dark underarms will always be an excuse for not wearing these type of dresses. But you don’t need to worry. We […]