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Rose Petals for Beautiful Pink Lips

Soft, pink and adorable lips are desired by every girl. However, pollution, food habits and lifestyle are the main factors why we aren’t able to retain the baby pink lips we were born with. Lips should retain its natural colour. Dark lips spoil the beauty of the face. So it is important to take care […]

Amazing ways to use cold press coconut oil for a beautiful healthy skin

Coconut oil has been touted as “miracle oil” for many decades and for good reason. It is full of good fats and often recommended as a substitute to other oils. Coconut oil acts as a cleanser and flushes out all the toxins that wind up on your bodies throughout the day. Compared to the skin […]

3 Amazing Natural Remedies to Make Your Dark Lips Rosy Pink at Home

Having luscious pink lips can make one look comely effortlessly. But, some of us do not have natural in-born pink lips due to plenty of reasons, such as excessive intake of caffeine, pigmentation on the lips, smoking weed or cigarettes, exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, and any kind of hormonal disproportionality. Also, […]

How To Use Beetroot To Make Your Dark Lips Naturally Pink

Due to the excessive pollution and UV rays in the environment, our lips become dark and dull. Fret not, beetroot, which is one of the most inexpensive ingredients found in every kitchen, has come to your rescue. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help in getting rid of the discolouration of lips. Moreover, it […]

Miraculous home remedies to make your chapped lips beautiful naturally

Chapped lips can stop you from flaunting those beautiful pink curves when you smile. Most people do not give equal time and efforts to care for their lips. 1.Tooth Brush to remove dead skin cells This is by far the easiest and most inexpensive way to get rid of chapped lips naturally and get those […]

How to use lemon to get natural pink baby soft lips at home  

Getting natural pink and soft lips are probably the desire of almost everyone, that is, any age or gender. Mostly, young girls have a pink tinge on their lips but as we get older we develop darker tone on our lips because of a variety of internal and external reasons. The varied factors may be […]

Top 3 natural remedies to lighten dark lips at home

Plumps and beautiful pink lips are what we all need. But, lips are more sensitive than our skin and UV rays can be harmful to them causing darkening of lips. Other factors like smoking or pregnancy or hormonal changes can lead to darker lips too. To avoid that we have easy remedies that you can […]

3 natural home remedies to lighten dark lips

Every woman desires to have very good pink lips because they are the center of attraction for your face. Beautiful lips give you a pretty and confident smile. sometimes these lips may become dark and spoil your entire beauty. Dark pigmented lips may be caused due to sun rays, smoking, dehydration, make up, etc. This dark lip […]

How to apply lipstick perfectly

Be it matte, gloss or satin, lipsticks can jazz up your look in instant seconds. As they say, “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.” Lipsticks are more than just a piece of makeup, they’re the reason that many women get that confident stride in their walk. Sure, inner beauty […]

How To Get Natural Pink Lips

Pretty, soft, luscious, and pink lips give our appearance an added advantage. As it is one of the most sensitive parts of our body we need to take extra care and attention so that they remain naturally pink and beautiful. Pomegranate Seeds + Milk Cream How To: Take a pomegranate and slice it open so […]