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Use this only for two times, this will wipe of dark spots from your face

People are often exposed to sunlight without using sunscreen, which results in dark spots on the skin. However, potatoes can effectively eliminate dark spots. They are often used for cosmetic purposes, as they improve the complexion, soothe the irritation, and brighten these spots. Potato with lemon juice: Mix the equal amounts of potato juice with the juice […]

This cream removes sun tan and makes your skin very fair instantly

Sometime our skin appears to be lifeless, dull and dark due damages by sun. Tanning and darkness caused by sun are reversible and your can use simple tricks to get fair skin. We’re going to present you a magical mask that will nourish your skin and help you get a clear face naturally at the […]

Do this facial treatment at home and get glowing skin in just 10 minutes

You can do an all natural facial at home in just 10 minutes,  I will tell you how you can do this facial and get Instant Glowing and Fresh Looking Skin. Check out below! 1: The first step is to make a face scrub. Take 2 tbsp each of oats, lemon juice and honey in a […]

Remove sun tan and darkness from skin instantly with this amazing recipe

This post is for you if you are suffering from tanned skin. The best way to get rid of it is to use natural way as it will not damage new skin beneath tanned skin. Today I will tell you on very simple trick, for this you need: Red lentil Tomato paste Aloe extract Directions: […]

Remove sun tan from face and body get Fair skin instantly

Here, we’re going to present you a magical mask that will nourish your skin and help you get a clear face naturally at the same time! For making this sun tan remover remedy you will need following ingredients: 1 tablespoon Gram flour 1/2 tablespoon Lemon juice 1 tablespoon Milk Powder 1/2 tablespoon of honey 2 tablespoon […]

One raw Potato can remove marks and give you fair flawless skin, here’s how to use it

Overproduction of melanin (that gives hair and face color) in certain spots on the skin causes hyper-pigmentation. It is a common harmless skin problem, which results in darkened patches of skin than the normal skin color. Potatoes are not just good sources of starch but can also prevent a host of skin pigmentation problems like […]

Magical cream to remove Sun tan and darkness from body and face instantly

Summer is a season when we bring out our short dresses and shades to enjoy the sun at the park or the beach with family and friends. Having fun and being happy all day is something we all wish to have during summer, but sometimes most of us are left with ugly and unattractive sun […]

100% Effective remedy to remove sun tan and darkness from skin

Often, people head to the parlor to remove the tan. But you should know that the parlors will almost invariably use a chemical process for removing your sun tan so that you can get back your original skin color and shine. And of course, these chemical processes come with harmful side effects. Here is a […]

She used this lotion to get rid of Brown spots and dull skin, results are perfect

Today I will tell you about this amazing homemade lotion, which is very effective in removing brown spots from skin and make skin gorgeous. It will remove suntan and darkness from your skin and give you a glowing lively looks. To make this lotion, you will need following Ingredients: 6 tablespoons of jojoba oil 10 […]

Goodbye dark spots and freckles, this one ingredient will remove them instantly

We’ve been over this topic a hundred times and the conclusion is always the same – the best remedy for skin problems is the one you’re going to do at home, with natural ingredients and all by yourself. No added chemicals means no damage and no side effects. Just a healthy, flawless skin. To make […]