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How to Use Mustard Oil for Beautiful Skin Complexion

Mustard oil is a common household ingredient that has a host of benefits. It works wonders on your skin and the effects are long-lasting. Surprisingly enough, this everyday ingredient can make your skin complexion beautiful. There are many reasons behind why this is totally possible. Benefits of Mustard Oil Mustard oil is rich in Vitamin […]

Amazing Home Remedies With Almond Oil To Get a Healthy Glowing Skin

Almonds are already a proven source of extra nutrition and “sweet almond oil” is the kind of almond oil, which is usually used for skin purposes among the two main types of almond oils that are classified.  By being copious with Vitamin E that is permeated with rich antioxidant properties, it acts as a shielding […]

Amazing Sugar DIY Tricks For Skin Whitening at Home

Out of the seven billion people in this world, only a few gifted individuals are blessed with a glowing, radiant, and a fair skin tone. Various kind of spots, like acne, pigmentation, aging spots, and chicken pox spots occur on our skin as we mature over time and their color can vary from black to […]

How To Use Red Lentils To Remove Tan From Your Skin

Red Lentils, which is also commonly known as ‘Masoor Dal’ have got unique properties that are extremely rich in protein and can be easily mixed with plenty of other herbs to effectively remove sun tan. Using your own discretionary power, you can either use red lentils as a body scrub, or you can even use […]

Homemade peeling gel with dates for lightening the skin tone

India is a very hot country, with summer being the default season and rain showing its grace very rarely maintaining an even skin tone is really tough. When you cover your face from the sun, it just leads to uneven tanning. How to tackle all these problems? One cannot simply turn off the sun, but […]

DIY anti-aging treatment using home-made rice flour

Rice, apart from being a staple food in many parts of Asia, can be used to make beauty products. One of them is rice flour which has many beauty benefits, including anti-aging properties. Beauty benefits of rice flour Rice flour has anti-bacterial properties that are handy while treating acne and pimples. Rice flour can be […]

How to prepare and use fairness cream with sandalwood powder and lemon juice

Fairness is and always be an obsession in our country. With its epic tropical climate and scorching sun half the year, every Indian understands how it feels to live with a permanent tanned face. Unlike westerners, we aim to miss the sun and the dark skin it gives. Fair skin gives an east glow and […]

3 effective natural remedies to remove sun tan at home

Soft and glowing skin is always a boon to us. But, most of us suffer from the darkening of the skin as the skin is continuously exposed to the UV rays of the sun and pollutants. To lighten this suntanned skin all the people rush to the parlors to treat the skin with cosmetic products. […]

3 home remedies which are effective in removing sun tan naturally

Who doesn’t like to spend a little time sunbathing? As much as one would enjoy going on a beach, outdoors on a picnic on a sunny day, or just having a staycation in summers, it’s the tan that bothers most of us. Staying in the sun for too long can damage your skin. The tan […]

Yogurt Honey brightening gel for beautiful hands and feet

Beauty is a wholesome package. It is not just about your face. A person is considered beautiful when they have a uniform complexion, smooth body and are overall healthy. So, it is not enough to just concentrate on your face and neck. Every other part of the body also needs equal importance. Two of those […]