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Homemade glow serums to lighten the skin tone naturally

With the increase in the levels of pollution and the UV index, the health of the skin is deteriorating drastically. The sun is getting scorched by the sun and suntan has become the new enemy. 1.Honey and Papaya Serum Honey is a great natural ingredient when it comes to taking care of the skin. Honey […]

How to make natural bleach at home to remove sun tan

Suntan is a common skin condition as our skin is continuously exposed to the UV rays of the sun. We can’t escape from the sun rays but there are some home remedies to get rid of tan easily. These remedies contain the natural ingredients which do not cause any side effects to the skin. These natural […]

How To Use Yogurt To Lighten The Skin Tone

Heat, pollution, the use of chemical based cosmetics, and stress can take away the natural glow from your face. Your skin appears patchy and your skin tone becomes uneven at places. Premature aging and pigmentation are some other common hazards, too. Instead of using more chemical based products, there are some gorgeous natural ingredients you […]

Benefits of water to skin

Water is essential to the skin as skin cells like are any other cell constitute a good amount of water. So, insufficient water makes your skin dull and dry. Loss of water can also make your skin also make your skin age faster, it’s important to always keep your skin hydrated. Here are five ways […]

Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Tips For Skin

When we hear the name Shahnaz Husain, the only thing that pops up in our mind is beauty and wellness. Shahnaz Husain is well known in India and abroad for her amazing beauty tips and tricks, all over the world. She has studied for several years on various skin care fields and has at last […]

Three Natural Peel Off Mask Recipes to Get Glowing Skin at Home

The increasing amount of pollution in the atmosphere makes it impossible to combat dry skin conditions. No products seem to work. If you are familiar with this situation then try these simple peel-off mask recipes to achieve flawless glowing skin at home. Honey, Milk and Egg White Mask Honey acts as a natural antibacterial and […]

How to use tea bags for treating sunburns

Sunburns are excessive tan lines which turn into reddish sores, sometimes even causing pain. There are unusual home remedies such as tea bags can be very effective in reducing the painful burns. Tea bags have been used for ages for the treatment of sunburns as the tannins found in tea are said to reduce inflammation […]

3 amazing DIY recipes to naturally exfoliate your face at home

The face is the most sensitive part of the skin. It requires constant care and a lot of attention to maintain it in good condition. There are many steps involved in this taking care process. One of the important steps is to constantly exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation primarily means to cleanse and clean the skin […]

How to improve skin complexion using homemade herbal face packs

Nowadays the skin is continuously affected by the pollutants and sun rays etc. All these impurities and excess oil present on the skin piled up in the pores which lead to acne. Hence, the skin needs the regular cleansing to be fresh and clean. There are so many products available on the market for the […]

How to use orange juice to get a beautiful facial skin

Orange juice is well known as a tangy juice which has many health benefits. But, do you know? it has an infinite number of benefits for the facial too. Nowadays our skin is always subjected to various pollutants. Hence, the cleansing of a face is very important. Now, let us see some natural home remedies […]