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How to get rid of unwanted facial hair at home with natural ingredients

The hair on the face must be the worst nightmare of every woman. The more we try to thread or waxing the hair off, more we get redness and acne due to the broken fossils. The face is spotty and swollen for days depicting the soreness. Before every date, wedding, party, and event, the facial […]

Miraculous DIY with gram flour to get rid of unwanted facial hair

Most of all the women love to have smooth hairless skin but only a few are ready to bear the painful hair removing treatments, such as waxing. Razors are also of no use as they give some awful burns and bumps with sharp hair ends, which creates problems after a few days. So, what should […]

How to use gram flour and turmeric to get rid of unwanted hair

Who likes that dense and long hair all over their body which makes you look older and different? Not that body hair is disgusting, but a smooth and shaven skin feels much better and makes people look better. As much as we love that look, we also know how painful it is to wax, how […]

How to make and use honey and sugar wax to get rid of unwanted hair

Women try various methods to get rid of unwanted hair growth. The least expensive and the safest way is to go for natural remedies. Turning to nature is something that everyone does nowadays. Though it may consume time, the result is for sure and without any side effects. Waxing done using honey and sugar is […]

3 amazing herbal remedies to get rid of unwanted hair

Most of us wish to have smooth skin and get rid of all the unwanted hair. Excess or unwanted hair does not cause any damage to our body, however, makes us feel hot and sweaty which is sometimes the reason for bad body odor. Women with smooth and hairless skin normally feel comfortable and confident. […]


Sugar wax and Sugaring is a scary notion to most amateurs, new to the waxing paradigm. Most people shy away from sugaring because of the fear of burning themselves with hot wax.  But with some research and help, it is a better alternative to traditional waxing. Not only is sugar wax cheap, it is also […]

How To Use Honey To Remove Unwanted Hair From Face

Facial hair can be really annoying. There are many ways to remove hair, be it threading, waxing, or laser hair removal. But these methods can be time consuming and expensive. And honestly, no one has much surplus time to spare. So, we get you some amazing homemade remedies to get rid of unwanted hair from […]

How To Use Turmeric To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

Unwanted facial hair is caused by hormonal imbalances, irregular menstrual cycle, and genetics. It makes us look unfeminine and causes severe embarrassment. Friend’s turmeric is a natural spice that has been used since earlier times to enhance our beauty and has enough properties to remove unwanted facial hair easily. Turmeric Powder + Milk How To: […]

How To Use Chickpea Flour to remove Unwanted Hairs at Home

Unwanted Hairs that show up on the visible body areas is an issue that bothers the women a lot!! These hairs that grow up on hands, faces, legs and the other visible areas look quite unfeminine at times. At times, women find themselves in an embarrassing situation due to this. Late periods, an imbalance in […]

3 DIY methods to get rid of unwanted hairs from underarms

Underarms hair is one of the most unwanted problems that people in their young age face. People and especially women have used a variety of ways from shaving to laser hair removal but what about natural methods? Without lasers, without harsh hair removal creams, and without any risk of razor cut! Gladly, we have a […]