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What is Candiderm cream? Candiderm cream is used to treat a wide range of skin infections. It belongs to anti-infective, azole anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-parasitic and corticosteroid group of drugs. It is applied on the skin (topical administration). The cream is homogeneous in nature, available in a tube of 15 gm. It is manufactured […]

Prega news – Is It Safe? Uses, Side-Effects, Precautions

What is Prega News? Prega news is a popular HCG pregnancy testing kit manufactured by Mankind Pharmaceuticals. It is a testing kit which allows a woman to test her pregnancy result at home easily without having to visit the doctor. The idea behind keeping the name Prega News is combining 2 words which is Pregnancy and […]

Miraculous Teeth Whitening Home Remedies With Natural Ingredients

The easiest way to whiten your teeth and remove stains is to use home remedies with natural ingredients as it is effective and without any side effects. Friends, today I am going to share some popular recipes for teeth whitening which will prove beneficial to you. Sea Salt + Lemon Juice How To: Take one […]

Top 3 natural smoothies which help your skin become shiny and healthy

Often, in the fast-paced life, we fail to give our skin the attention it deserves. Over time, our skin is gradually exposed to dirt, pollution, and sun, all of which leaves it dull and lifeless. No amount of cosmetics can make your skin glow if it is unhealthy from within. As a matter of fact, […]

3 Natural Smoothies to Clean your Liver and Lose Excess Fat

Our liver is a vital organ which serves many functions. It plays an important role in regulating metabolism, keeping the immune system healthy and ensuring smooth digestion. It also has the major function of removing the toxins from our body. Liver detoxifying smoothies have been discussed for long now. These smoothies make use of healthy […]

This amazing 2 ingredient natural drink will Reduce Belly Fat and help you lose weight in 7 days

Ingredients: 50 gms cumin seeds 50 gms cinnamon Method: Heat a pan and add 50 gms cumin seeds to it. Roast it for a while, as it turns light brown remove the pan from the stove and transfer the cumin seeds to a plate. Now in the same pan take 50 gms cinnamon and roast […]

Miraculous ways to use green tea to get a flat belly effortlessly 

Consumption of green tea has become the new trend amongst health and beauty conscious people. There are many known benefits of drinking green tea, one of them being the ability of green tea to burn abdomen fat. Green tea is known to have EGCG which helps to activate the fat burning genes. 1.Green tea to […]

Miraculous way To Whiten Your Yellow Teeth At Home using Coconut Oil

Homemade remedies prepared with natural ingredients are miraculous by nature as they are very effective. Friends if your teeth are yellow and you are looking for ways and means to whiten them then coconut oil is your best option. Coconut Oil + Baking Soda How To: Take one tbsp of baking soda in a glass […]

Magical fat cutter drink with apples which is very easy to prepare at home

Losing weight is not an easy task, you require to put a lot of efforts and eat properly then only you will be able to lose weight. As a result, you try different ways some of them are very expensive. We have with us a very cheap recipe which is easy to make and you can […]


Sugar wax and Sugaring is a scary notion to most amateurs, new to the waxing paradigm. Most people shy away from sugaring because of the fear of burning themselves with hot wax.  But with some research and help, it is a better alternative to traditional waxing. Not only is sugar wax cheap, it is also […]