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Sugar wax and Sugaring is a scary notion to most amateurs, new to the waxing paradigm. Most people shy away from sugaring because of the fear of burning themselves with hot wax.  But with some research and help, it is a better alternative to traditional waxing. Not only is sugar wax cheap, it is also […]

3 super-effective ways to fight underarm odor and make them beautiful

Underarm odor is really a disgusting situation, especially in summer. This odor occurs due to the production of sweat in these areas which smells foul. This area also easily becomes susceptible to pollutants and becomes dark. To reduce this odor there is a number of chemical deodorants available in the markets. But, they may not be […]

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Whiten Yellow Teeth At Home

If you are suffering from yellow teeth and desire white and healthy teeth then let me assure you that apple cider vinegar is going to prove very beneficial to you. Apple Cider Vinegar+ Water How To: Take one tbsp of apple cider vinegar and add it to a cup of water. Mix both of them […]

How To Use Charcoal At Home For Teeth Whitening

A smiling face with white teeth can easily add to our beauty and can enhance our appearance. Charcoal is a natural ingredient that can be used at home for teeth whitening effectively. Activated Charcoal How To: Take your normal toothbrush and wet it under running water. Place the toothpaste on a paper napkin. Take one […]

How to Lose Weight After C-section

Well before I begin, congratulations on your baby and on your successful pregnancy. We all know it was no easy task and it put you through some of the biggest challenges of your life. But the hard part is done, you are done being pregnant and your baby is out. It is time to enjoy […]

Natural Remedies to Prevent Cancer in Women

If you are wondering why you would need to prevent cancer, read on. It is true that cancer is not that common a disease. But women have increased chances of cancer, breasts and uterus are two highly vulnerable organs in a woman, given the amount of hormonal and bodily changes that these organs undergo, it […]

Early pregnancy symptoms that every new mom should know

First of all, congratulations! You are here reading this article either to see what the symptoms that you are going to experience or to check if you are pregnant with the symptoms occurring to you. Either way, we hope you find this article useful and that you have a safe pregnancy. A Study says that […]

How to Get Rid of Bug Bites

Bug bites can lead to inflammation and itching. They could also turn into tiny blisters which appear red in color. But there are home remedies which can help in soothing the skin and getting rid of itching as well. Tea Tree Oil How to: Take 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Use pure coconut oil. Add […]

Natural Treatment For UTI At Home

A UTI infection is basically an infection in the urinary tract. It is also known as bladder infection. The bacteria can enter the urinary tract during sexual activity or while using the bathroom or pre-used toilet seat. But don’t worry, it can be treated through various home remedies. Read further to know more about them: […]

5 Effective Earache Remedies

Earache can be a result of several ailments. Mostly, it could be due to an infection which can be managed by several home remedies. If the pain persists for more than two days, you must consult a doctor. Tea Tree Oil How to: Take 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Make sure you are using extra […]