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How to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are usually very stubborn and negatively impact on self-confidence. It’s mainly due to pregnancy or sudden weight gain which can be commonly seen on waist, thighs, lower backs, hips, breasts, arms, and buttocks.  Gaining more weight results in the skin overstretching which ultimately causes stretch marks. Here are a number of natural remedies […]

7 simple pregnancy exercises

Gaining pregnancy weight in the right way will also help you shed the weight in an orderly way. Give in your food cravings but also be watchful about the weight. Regular visits to the gynecologists are of importance to avoid any weight-related complications. Regular exercise during your pregnancy period will keep you fit, and also […]

20 Do’s and Dont’s of pregnancy

If you are an expecting mother you can be overwhelmed by the number of instructions provided to you on your pregnancy. Not to forget the various myths that revolve around pregnancies. What to eat? What not to eat? Should I exercise? Can I travel during pregnancy? Should I consume seafood or avoid it? Are all […]

Ways To Reduce Tummy After Caesarian Delivery

Motherhood is a special feeling for every woman in the universe. It is a vital yet complex phase in any woman’ life. It provides you a new strength in yourself ,something which you didn’t know you have until you had children. This beautiful phase leaves lot of physical and emotional imprints on a woman which […]

Top 10 pregnancy resources for new moms

Pregnancy period can be a bit stressful, but post pregnancy it is a different scenario altogether. You now have to take care of your baby, and yourself and things can get quite overwhelming. A range of challenges mothers may encounter while breastfeeding and managing a newborn. Being prepared beforehand can ease a new mom into […]

Pregnancy Safe Workout: What you can do stay fit during pregnancy

Expecting moms should exercise a minimum of 30 minutes or more almost every day of their pregnancy. Some days could be complicated than the others, but the physical activity is not just limited to exercise, you can even do stretching while on the bed. Various prenatal yoga exercises can be done on the bed, which […]

Important tips for maintaining your pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with responsibility. But for a first-time mother, it all can be overwhelming. We will provide you a comprehensive guide to the prenatal care and how to manage your pregnancy. What is prenatal care? Prenatal care is an act of having a healthy lifestyle while being pregnant. You are more likely to give a […]

What to Eat during pregnancy, healthy food for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial phase in any woman’s life, wherein you eat not for just yourself but also for your baby. The healthy and proper development of your baby depends upon your daily nutritional intake. Many myths and notions revolve around pregnancy diet. Some believe that since you are eating for two, you should give […]

Is Right Way To Pregnancy, Gaining Lot Of Weight ?

We all know pregnancy comes with weight gain. But how much should be the weight gain? How much weight gain is healthy? What should be the minimum or maximum limit? Are there any complications with too much or too little weight gain? What to eat and not to eat during pregnancy? Let us have a […]

Increase Chances of Pregnancy – 6 Ways to Boost Your Odds

Female body produces around 300 to 400 eggs during their reproductive years. An average male produces 290 million sperms a day. During intercourse, approximately 200 million sperms are ejaculated out of which only 2 million make it to the cervix. About one million of these make it to the uterus. From one million only 10,000 […]