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Do’s and Don’ts during the first trimester of pregnancy

Gasped at the positive sign? Shared the best news with your hubby? Got it checked with your gynaecologist? Overwhelmed with joy? Now is probably the right time to sit for this article. You are Pregnant. As much as this was fun, the next nine months won’t exactly fit inside that word. It will be of […]

5 Effective and Easy Tips to Reduce Post-Pregnancy Belly Fat.

To begin with, congratulations on becoming a mommy. This new-mother phase is as important as the last 9-10 months. It was easy before as all you had to do was eat healthy to keep yourself and the baby healthy. It gets difficult now as you have to take care of you, the baby and does […]

Top Myths Related To C-Section one must be aware of

Caesarean deliveries or c-section births refers to a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby. It is the alternative of vaginal or normal deliveries, in case of any serious complications. This may include twin pregnancy, problems with the placenta or umbilical cord, the shape of the pelvis etc. C-sections nowadays is one of the most […]

Hair Loss After Pregnancy can be dealt easily with these 5 super-effective home remedies

Extreme hair fall after pregnancy is a common thing faced by every new mother. It happens because during pregnancy the hormone called estrogen increases manifold. Estrogen promotes hair growth and this is why our hair becomes dense and thick during pregnancy. Due to this hormone, our hair also enters into a resting phase and thus […]

How To Tell If You are Pregnant Without a Test

Getting to hear that one is pregnant is a news that makes everyone happy, assuming it was planned one. It is a joy to conceive, a delight for the parents. Yet an unplanned pregnancy is the worst news one could receive. It turns the whole world upside down and in a bad way. it has […]

Five Signs Of First Week Pregnancy Every Woman Should Know

Women carrying a baby in their womb for nine months are the most respected ones and should always be considered as the most powerful women. Because the painful time they go through can not be imagined by anyone else. But, if you are doubtful of getting pregnant and this is your first time, just go […]

7 Expert-Approved Tips To Make Your Baby Smarter In The Womb

Every pregnant woman must include proper diet and light exercises in daily schedule. Besides diet, there are a number of things that can contribute in physical and mental health of your baby. The last weeks of pregnancy are the best time to start the cognitive development of your baby in the womb itself. Make sure […]

This Is How You Can Avoid Pregnancy Without Using Condom

Pregnancy is all the more shocking when couples are not ready to become parents. They face this issue when they don’t take proper precautions while making love. But is condom the only way to avoid unwanted pregnancy? The answer is NO! Check out the ways you can avoid pregnancy without using a condom. You can […]

Her 5 Babies Were Born Healthy, But Their Birth SHOCKED Doctors For One Reason!

Adam and Danielle moved to Houston about 10 years prior to begin their crew. After well over a year of attempting to imagine, they were shattered to find they had an issue with barrenness. The couple spent their one year from now attempting distinctive medications and IUI methodology with no good fortune. Not ready to […]

His Wife Had A Miscarriage 7 Months Later He Found THIS In The Bedroom!

This is definitely one of the most bizarre stories we’ve ever heard. When a woman called Meredith was six weeks pregnant with her first child, doctors declared a very heartbreaking news that she had suffered a miscarriage. It was very depressing for  Meredith and her husband, Brandon and they were heartbroken. Seven months later, one day Meredith […]