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8 yoga poses to conceive fast naturally and overcome infertility

Lotus Pose Use this peaceful pose to draw in what you desire, meditate on your goals, and relax into your thoughts. It is done by sitting on the floor with each of your feet resting on top of the opposite knee with the arms outstretched and hands resting lightly on the knees. Your body will […]

Angelina Jolie’s childbirth experience will open your eyes

Recently, Mrs. Jolie was a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour and had the opportunity to share the experience of her childbirth in Africa. Here is what she said to raise big concern: “I went to a hospital in Namibia, where I was having my daughter, and I was in breech,” the 41-year-old mom-of-six […]

2 Tip‬s to naturally conceive gender of your choice

First of all in medical science there is no way to conceive gender of your choice but there are some tricks that might work The Shettles Method: The main theory behind this method of gender selection — which boasts a 75 percent success rate (though independent studies haven’t backed up that claim) — is that […]

How long does it take normally to get pregnant

A survey was performed on 2000 women to determine, how much time it t took for them to conceive. 12 percent of them conceived within 3 months. For 43 percent it took around 6 months. For 15 percent this took one to two years. When couples decide to expand family, it can be an intense time […]

Kareena kapoor 3 and half months pregnant?

Ever since kareena kapoor married to saif ali khan, there has been rumors about her pregnancy but there was no truth. Kareena Kapoor, however, has expressed her desire to become a mother. But again these rumours took wind these days, when kareena was spotted visiting a Gynaecologist recently. Also her recent appearance at an event […]

Try this to get pregnant super fast

Eat Healthy Making certain dietary changes is of utmost importance when it comes to keeping the reproductive system healthy and increasing the chances of getting pregnant. For instance, you should consume more alkaline foods, such as bean sprouts, peas , and milk, all of which increase the chances of conceiving. On the other hand, you […]

Follow these simple steps if you want to conceive twins

Although in medical science there is no sure shot way to conceive twins but yes there are some simple steps that might increase probability of conceiving twins First, be aware that any average woman has about a 3% chance of naturally conceiving twins. But there are certain factors that still need to be considered: – […]

Fastest delivery in the world, in just 5 minutes and 17 seconds

Daisy Stewart says she gave birth to baby Poppy just five minutes and 17 seconds after going into labour. The 20-year-old first-time mum, from Dundee, Scotland, was warned to expect hours of pain but midwives were apparently left amazed when 6lb 3oz Poppy arrived after just three pushes. Labour usually lasts 12 to 18 hours […]

Trying to get pregnant, but I have an weird issue

Question Reads: This month is going to be the second month we are trying to get pregnant. my problem is, I have a weird “thing” about him ejaculating inside of me. I don’t like it.every time we have sex, I let him finish on my lower stomach, and then pick it up with my fingers […]

5 very simple reasons you are not getting pregnant

If you are not getting pregnant, it doesn’t mean you are suffering from a serious disease. Most of the times reasons are very simple and normal. Below I have listed 5 reasons: 1. Stress When you tell your family member that I am planning family now, everyone is ready to hear good news from you. […]