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Earliest possible signs of pregnancy to know

Whether you are trying to conceive or not there are certain earliest possible signs of pregnancy to know. These signs variable for all women in terms of frequency, duration and intensity. In this post such sign are being described in the form of a check list. This can be remembered or kept handy, to be […]

Early signs of pregnancy 2 weeks after conceiving

Now is the time one might start really feeling pregnant. This period in terms of weeks of pregnancy can be understood as the fourth week of pregnancy.  Its important to notice the early signs of pregnancy 2 weeks after conceiving so that you can plan all the important aspects related to the difficult journey of […]

First week of pregnancy signs and symptoms

There is nothing as wonderful for a woman as the feeling of getting pregnant.To avoid pregnancies going unnoticed one should know about the first week of pregnancy signs and symptoms.Many experts have put forward this argument that a women is technically not pregnant in the first week, as fertilization happens in the second week.In this […]

Early symptoms pregnancy can be preterm

If one knows about the early symptoms pregnancy can be preterm, acting swiftly can eliminate the risks involved. Generally it is the period after 35th week of pregnancy, that early symptoms for preterm pregnancy can be spotted. One should be especially conscious if she already had a preterm delivery or if she herself was born […]

Pregnancy symptoms discharge you from all duties

It is very important that as and when you get to know that you are pregnant you should start taking special care about yourself. But often we don’t realize the importance of this age old practice. This post describe why its better for you if early pregnancy symptoms discharge you from all duties. First thing […]

6 vital systems which pregnancy changes in the body

As the body needs preparation for fetal development up to the stage of delivery, there are various systems and functions which pregnancy changes. In this post  I will be describing some of these normal changes. Changes in Cardiovascular system Increased blood volume. Increased heart rate. Decreased blood pressure. Slow return of blood to heart. Changes […]

Do you know what NOT to eat when pregnant ?

As you are more than excited when pregnant there is a need to intelligently include the correct food habits and routine as early as possible. When you get pregnant one of the first traits is your feeling of craving for some foods. Often you are showered with varying advice on what to eat and what […]

Ultrasound scans across the stages of pregnancy

For different reasons ultrasound scans are performed throughout the various stages of pregnancy.Internal images of the growing fetus are created by this diagnostic technique which uses high frequency sound waves. Lets first understand the different types and methods to perform ultrasound scans. There are two types of ultrasound scans: Transvaginal : To create images during early […]

Foods important for first month of pregnancy

It is very important to have a carefully planned and well-balanced healthy diet from nutrition point of view starting from the first month of pregnancy itself. Its not only vital for you but for the fetus too. This is worth the effort as in the process one gets educated about both what to eat and […]

7 commonly ignored earliest signs for pregnancy

Yes, there are earliest signs for pregnancy about which the awareness is less, hence, often they go unnoticed. I will be describing 7 such symptoms in this post. (1) Hyper active senses : The nose smells even the mild things even if they are fairly distant too. The teeth become sensitive to cold and/or hot things. […]