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First trimester’s pregnancy symptoms week by week

Its always better to plan well for your pregnancy. The symptoms though get noticeable not until the fourth week and continue to occur through out the first trimester. This post will try to educate you on the first semester’s pregnancy symptoms week by week. 1st Week There are no symptoms of pregnancy as one is […]

Things to know about bleeding during pregnancy

Any kind and volume of bleeding during pregnancy can mentally disturb the expecting mother. Though its a common thing in pregnancy, knowing what is normal and what isn’t can be helpful in serious cases where a doctor is needed. There are different causes for bleeding in all three trimesters. However, in this post we shall […]

Attention : Pregnancy symptoms week 1

Pregnancy symptoms week 1 for most women ( especially for those who are not intentionally trying ) go without being noticed. Sometimes the situation continues up to second week too. This is because monthly cycles of many women being variable, it is assumed that its normal when their monthly menstrual cycle is late. Instead of any […]

Do you know about the very early pregnancy symptoms?

Many times the first-time moms miss the very early pregnancy symptoms, or they do notice them but not with the angle of associating them with pregnancy. Its the second and third-timers who from their past experience spot them better. These are often normal signs like mood swings which are actually very early pregnancy symptoms, especially […]

Key points when you are 18 weeks pregnant

When you are 18 weeks pregnant, meaning its about half way done. In this post we shall we shall discuss the various changes in your body and in the body of your baby, along with what other things you should keep in mind during this time. You Most people can recognize that you are pregnant as […]

Checklist for your pregnancy timeline

Though your pregnancy timeline is a long journey of many troublesome weeks, its indeed worthwhile given the wonderful gift. As you have to take care of both yourself and the baby, a checklist can definitely fetch you peace of mind while ensuring proper tracking of progress. Preconception Stage Getting a preconception checkup done actually starts […]

When can you test for pregnancy?

You are keen to test for pregnancy naturally when you are in TTC or Trying To Conceive stage. There are many types of tests available these days.But, the accuracy of the test results though depends on the ability of the test method adopted to measure the hCG hormone level in your body. If the test […]

when do pregnancy symptoms start?

There are not been much revealing research results to answer the question, simply because there is no majority found among different women on when do pregnancy symptoms start? Some women notice the symptoms within just a couple of weeks of conceiving. Some experts say this happens because they are consciously trying to conceive and hence, […]

Baby development across pregnancy trimesters

Pregnancy spans up to 42 weeks across three trimesters. There are changes in baby week by week . In this post we shall take you through these stages of the baby development across the three pregnancy trimesters. First Pregnancy Trimester The first week after fertilization sees the fertilized egg growing into a ball of microscopic […]

Symptoms & diagnosis of Tubal Pregnancy

Tubal pregnancy is the most common(~95%) type of extrauterine pregnancy. It mostly occurs in the women age group of 35-45 years. It takes place in the fallopian tube as the fertilized egg fails to make its way through it. Most often one-sided sharp pain in abdomen, pelvis (sometimes this pain gets referred up in neck […]