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Home Remedies to remove unwanted hair permanently

Unwanted hair on face, arms and legs is a tough cosmetic issue faced by many women. This problem spoils that perfect princess look of yours. There are a lot of techniques in the market to avoid this unwanted skin growth like laser therapy, waxing, threading and even hair removal creams. But it’s essential to be […]

Rice & Milk Face Mask to Get Fresh Glowing Skin

Proper skin care is very much essential as skin proves to be the largest barrier with respect to any infection that might affect us. Maintaining our skin healthy and moist keeps this protective barrier strong. Having a fresh skin also helps in balancing the body temperature at a constant level. People usually mistake glowing skin […]

Top 10 Most Successful and Beautiful Women in India

There are millions of beautiful women who showcase the diversity of true elegance of India. Women in general are beautiful for their various aesthetic and unique features.. Beauty just doesn’t constraint to look in a certain pre-conceived way! Empowering women of all races, ages, shapes, sizes and colors seem beautiful as they realize their incredible […]

How to shrink stretched pierced ears naturally-

Today heavy and big earring is in trends but those kinds of earrings can stretch and harm earlobes, this big pierced hole mess up the beautiful look because all earring does not stick to ear, it keeps hanging and looks loose. Here are few tips with you can prevent stretching- Do not wear heavy earrings […]

10 Best Full Hands Arabic Mehendi Hand Designs

Check out these cool Full Hand Arabic Mehndi designs carved with perfection and with the help of sharp Mehndi cones.

How To Do Twisted Edge Fishtail Braid Easy Tutorial

If you are bored with ponytail or normal french braid hairstyles, now you can try do a massive braid! It’s not very hard until you try and be the best hair braid maker ever! try it yourself and watch the video down below, hope you find it easy. Subscribe to Glowpink     You might […]