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Home Remedies To Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery

In this contemporary era, women hold a lot of important positions in various sectors of life. Though women are known for their strong minds and extraordinary souls, there are still few simple girly-geely things that every woman desires to possess which boosts up her self-esteem and confidence! And as per the Nature’s commands, women and […]

The 5 Stages of Grieving the End of a Relationship

“I’m not in love with you anymore.” “I think we should break up.” “We are not working out anymore. I’m sorry.” These words are the most unwanted words that anyone in a relationship ever wants to hear. Breaking up is not something anyone can easily bounce back from. It is a hard ordeal to go through, […]

Top 10 Most Successful and Beautiful Women in India

There are millions of beautiful women who showcase the diversity of true elegance of India. Women in general are beautiful for their various aesthetic and unique features.. Beauty just doesn’t constraint to look in a certain pre-conceived way! Empowering women of all races, ages, shapes, sizes and colors seem beautiful as they realize their incredible […]

Shahnaz Husain Beauty Tips for Brides

It is obvious that a bride-to-be will want to look her ultimate best on her wedding day no matter what. There are large possibilities that she may even make various appointments with a beautician until her wedding day. However, makeup alone will not work nor will it make you look exceptional on your special day. […]

How to Ruin Your Relationship With Your Teenager

Being a teenager is no easy task. Riddled up with hormones, peer pressure in school and parental supervision, it can get hard to feel like yourself at times. There may even be instances where teenagers must have claimed to hate their parents. But luckily for the parents, they even forgave their missteps. No matter what […]

Top 5 Crystals For Attracting Love and Building a Healthy Relationship

Crystals are known for their healing properties. They are natural rock formations that have certain vibrations to them that spread & create a soothing environment. However, they do not have any negative or dampening effect to any existing treatment/medication. They are very commonly used for therapy & are known to have positive impact & great […]

10 Mistakes That Ruin Your Relationship or Marriage

Nowadays, happy relationships and marriages are far less in numbers as compared to separations and divorces. A content, steady relationship or marriage has become a rare occurrence in the present. Marriages have begun to lose their integrity; relationships are broken over mismatches in lifestyles or opinions between the partners. Be it our lack of capability […]

Romance After Kids: Get Your Groove Back

The question – does romance exist after kids? – often gets asked around between couples. The transition from being a couple to a family is a joyous one. But this transition often turns your world upside down too! As a couple, you are introduced to new responsibilities; one that comes with being a parent and […]

20 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

The first few years of a relationship is all about the honeymoon period – you can’t keep your hands off of your partner, you text or call him/her every chance you get and just want to spend every waking second together. Then comes a point in your relationship where you’re convinced that your partner is “the […]

What a man wants in woman – Secret guide for ladies to attract Men!

While every man is different, there are certain things about a woman that will make any man stand up, take notice, and make him decide he wants to get to know you on a deeper level. If you want to win the right man’s heart, you need to know what it is that makes a […]