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Top 10 Most Successful and Beautiful Women in India

There are millions of beautiful women who showcase the diversity of true elegance of India. Women in general are beautiful for their various aesthetic and unique features.. Beauty just doesn’t constraint to look in a certain pre-conceived way! Empowering women of all races, ages, shapes, sizes and colors seem beautiful as they realize their incredible […]

Ways To Reduce Tummy After Caesarian Delivery

Motherhood is a special feeling for every woman in the universe. It is a vital yet complex phase in any woman’ life. It provides you a new strength in yourself ,something which you didn’t know you have until you had children. This beautiful phase leaves lot of physical and emotional imprints on a woman which […]

Do’s and Don’ts during the first trimester of pregnancy

Gasped at the positive sign? Shared the best news with your hubby? Got it checked with your gynaecologist? Overwhelmed with joy? Now is probably the right time to sit for this article. You are Pregnant. As much as this was fun, the next nine months won’t exactly fit inside that word. It will be of […]

5 Effective and Easy Tips to Reduce Post-Pregnancy Belly Fat.

To begin with, congratulations on becoming a mommy. This new-mother phase is as important as the last 9-10 months. It was easy before as all you had to do was eat healthy to keep yourself and the baby healthy. It gets difficult now as you have to take care of you, the baby and does […]

If you want you child to be a Good person, Never Do these mistakes in front of them

It happens to almost every parent that children having temper and misbehaving, without them even recognizing the issue. Luckily, for you, here, we’re going to present you 5 errors that every parent makes and should stop making them right now! If you don’t react to these little behaviors and actions in time, you will bring […]

Twin Babies don’t realise they are born yet, this video is so precious

Here’s an amazing video of twin babies, where they don’t yet realize that they are born,this video made my day and will definitely make yours too.

I have not given birth to them to just dump them and go off to work – Kajol

She reduced her film appearances when she became a mother because she didn’t believe in leaving her young children at home while she worked. Now, after bringing her magic to the big screen again with Dilwale, actress Kajol is ready to take on more work. “I hope I will be seen on screen more… I’d […]