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This Girl has a grown beard like men and now she broke the World record for it – Read her inspirational story

This beautiful lady in the picture below, is a wonderful lady with beards. She is a Sikh Lady, Harnaam Kaur. She is 24 years of age. “I love my beard. I say it with pride. I am fist pumping the air right now. I love my beard, I can’t describe to you how much strength […]

Last Conversation Sushant Singh Rajput Had With His Mom, Will Make You Want To Hug Your Mom Right Now

The actor Sushant Singh Rajput lost his mother while he was studying and the last conversation he had with his mother was on phone and he couldn’t see her mom for one last time, the conversation is deeply saddening and makes you want to hug your mom right now. “On December 11, I got a […]

My Story : I told my fiancé, I am not a Virgin , Everything changed after that

Hi I am Sunidhi, from Mumbai, I wanted to share my story , I am 25 and I recently got engaged to Kush, he is an Investment Banker and earns very handsomely, though I didn’t wanted to rush, my parents got me engaged with Kush, thinking they will not find such a good boy for […]