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Top 5 ways to use rice water to get healthy beautiful hair at home

We all desire to have beautiful hair and every woman want to flaunt with it. But only a few us know that a simple and easy way to get flaunting beautiful hair is just a tumbler of rice. Oh yes, what you read is right! This product has been used from ages for the wellness […]

3 Amazing Natural Methods For Hair Straightening at Home

Most of the people opt for ‘rebounding’, or ‘smoothening’ of hair to give their frizzy tangles or wavy hair a much more appealing and tidier look. However, little do most of us tend to realize that the use of hair straightening rods and going for such harmful chemical treatments can damage our hair more than […]

Egg and Coconut oil hair mask

Egg and Coconut oil are two ingredients really famous in the treatment of hair problems and are well-known names in the hair care world as well. We know they work wonders individually, but what can they do when combined. Don’t you think they would work wonders given they do it all alone only? So, do […]


Hair care is a major concern in many women. Our hair has got the scalp as its base which is similar to our skin. This can attract the dirt, oil and excess sebum which can affect your hair quality and growth. Due to this behavior, hair loss becomes a huge problem and it’s very difficult […]

Tips to increase hair volume

Do you know that you lose nearly 100 strands of hair every day? Well that is normal though! But there are people who lose more hair than normal and get into serious trouble at later stages. Are you one of those who is suffering serious hair loss issues? Then this piece of article is for […]

Home Remedies That Give You Straight Hair Without Any Damage

Is straight, smooth and silky hair a dream for you? But are you confused whether those hot hair spas at parlour,straightener use and regular chemical conditioning will cause damage to your hair? Then this article is for you. There are a lot of natural home remedies that can be done easily to get that silky […]

Straighten Your Curly Hair At Home

Most women with curly or wavy hair have always envied the smooth, sleek and straight tresses that many models and actresses seem to have. And then there are the straight-haired girls who lust after natural wavy or curly hair. After all, there is a graceful charm about naturally curly hair that gives a stylish look. […]

Herbal Remedies To Grow Hair Fast

Hair is an emblem of feminism. Do you believe that ancient women used to cut off their hair when going to battles disguising as men? It’s no wonder that hair is a crowning glory for women. But today’s modern women are more challenging than ancient women. They undergo a lot of personal, professional and financial […]

Secret Ways To Get Shiny Hair

Hair is one of the significant features contributing to beauty be it any gender men or women. Good hair sure adds to your natural beauty and enhances your looks in the society. It is a silent representation of youthfulness and confidence in women. Whenever you see a person, you immediately notice their hair though you […]

DIY: Deep Conditioning Coconut Milk Hair Spray

In this DIY article, we’ll see how to prepare your own DIY deep conditioning coconut milk spray using ingredients that you can find at home. Let’s dive right into the process. Ingredients:- ½ cup of coconut milk 1 cup of distilled water 1 tbsp. of vitamin E oil  3-4 drops of lavender oil(you can use […]