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Uncategorized How to choose Mangalsutra

How to choose Mangalsutra

By Glowpink Staff   

In hindu families the most important thing in the jewellary shopping list of wedding is Mangalsutra for would be brides.

A mangalsutra is a set of some auspicious beads, which are when strung together form a necklace. It is a neck piece worn by married women. On the wedding day, the groom makes his bride wear this necklace as part of a ceremony.. In most of the families it is compulsory to wear Mangalsutra all time, so be very careful when you are buying this.

Below there are some tips that will help you in choosing Mangalsutra :

Mangalsutra should be light in weight

As wife has to wear it everyday, it should be light in weight. Also these days many women go for day jobs too, so light weight mangalsutra will look decent.

short length mangalsutra

Pendant should be unique in design

Pendant plays role of differentiator, so it should be unique. Choose a pendant which is intricately designed and is also stylish

mangalsutra pendant

If you like you can go for hanging pendant too

Choose short length Mangalsutra

Short length Mangalsutra is in trend and it also looks stylish for professional wives

light weight mangalsutra

Women love diamonds

Every woman loves diamonds, you can a diamond beaded mangalsutra to give yourself a charm of regality. There are variety of diamonds are available in the market to suit your taste.

diamond mangalsutra

mangalsutra pendant

You can go for few black beads

In traditional mangalsutra there are many black beads but for a change, you can choose mangalsutra with few black beads

mangalsutra with few black beads

Below listed are a few more useful tips:

Choose a metal of your own choice

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Choose a mangalsutra that has a small diamond studded in rose gold metal. It is the embodiment of beauty and marital bliss. Rosegold metal is a popular trend these days among the young brides.

Get it custom-made to suit your needs

If you don’t like the black beads showing, then, get the beads attached at the back end of your mangal sutra near the loops where you can secure the mangalsutra. Young brides these days opt for a more chic and trendy look, keeping it this way makes the mangalsutra look stylish and modern with a traditional touch.

Give a modern twist to the traditional piece of jewellery

You can also wear a mangalsutra with a pendant with your partner’s name engraved on it.

Add more colors to your mangalsutra

If you would like to flaunt your birthstone, then get it studded in your mangalsutra pendant.

Purchase a pair of earrings to get along with it

To get a complete look, get a pair of custom made earrings that match the design of the pendant attached to your mangalsutra.

Don’t follow fashion trends, redefine your own style statement

Buy a mangalsutra that gets along with your style statement.

Buy something that is trendy and also fits your budget

Nowadays you have a lot of choices available at hand, you can get double gold, white gold or platinum mangalsutra, whatever suits your taste and budget.


Try variations

Opt for a mangalsutra with long length if you like to wear traditional outfits on a daily basis, whereas opt for a sleek, slender and short-length mangalsutra if you like to wear western outfits more often.

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