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Beauty Coconut Milk for Longer, Stronger Lashes

Coconut Milk for Longer, Stronger Lashes

By Muskan Minda   

Long, thick and strong eyelashes give our face a distinctive appearance that looks very attractive. If you do not have naturally long and strong eyelashes do not despair. With help of natural and homemade remedies, everything is possible.

Coconut Milk

How to:

  1. Take some coconut milk in a bowl.
  2. It is easily available in our kitchen so you will not have any problem in acquiring it.
  3. Now take two cotton balls and dip them in the coconut milk for a minute.
  4. Take a mascara wand that has been cleaned thoroughly and dip it in coconut milk and use it on lashes as if you are applying mascara.
  5. Lie flat on the bed and place the cotton balls on your eyes in such a way that the eyelashes and lids are fully covered.
  6. If you find that the milk is dripping from the cotton balls then squeeze it lightly to take out the excess.
  7. Leave the coconut milk laden cotton balls on your eyes for fifteen minutes.
  8. Make sure that your eyelids and eyelashes are covered with coconut milk.
  9. Now remove the cotton pads and gently massage on your eyelids with help of a little coconut milk.
  10. Massage in a circular motion very gently as our eyes is very sensitive and should be handled with care. It will help in improving the blood circulation.
  11. Wash your face with cold water and rinse off your eyes properly.

How it Works:

Coconut milk is considered to be one of the best solutions for growing longer and stronger eyelashes naturally. It is enriched with proteins and fat which is necessary for the growth of lashes. Regular application of coconut milk will provide the lashes much-needed nourishment.

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Coconut Milk with Castor Oil

How To:

  1. Take one-fourth cup of coconut milk in a bowl.
  2. Add half tsp of castor oil to this milk and mix it.
  3. Take two cotton balls or small square cotton pads and dip them in the mixture. Remove the excess by squeezing it gently.
  4. Take a clean mascara wand and dip it in the mixture and use it on the lashes like mascara.
  5. Now lie down and place the coconut milk dipped balls or pad on your eyelids in such a manner that your eyelashes are also covered.
  6. Remove the balls after fifteen minutes.
  7. Gently massage on the eyelids in a circular motion to increase your blood circulation.
  8. Wash your eyes properly with cold water so that any residue is not left behind.
  9. Pat your eyes dry with a soft cloth.

How it works:

Castor oil has been used by our elders from ancient time as it is enriched with several important properties. Its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties help in treating ailments like eye irritation. Castor oil has been used extensively for growing longer and stronger eyelashes. Coconut milk as we know is enriched with natural protein that helps in growth of eyelashes and even adds volume and shine to it. Together they create magic.

Friends while going through this article you must have come to know the important properties of coconut milk. It is easily available in our kitchen and helps in creating such a wonderful remedy for growing stronger and longer eyelashes. The most important thing is that its usage does not have any side-effects so go ahead and apply as directed.

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