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Beauty, Health, Weight loss Diet plan to lose weight fast after the age of 30

Diet plan to lose weight fast after the age of 30

By Muskan Minda   

Thirty is a milestone year for everyone as we suddenly wake up to the fact that we are no longer younger. This is the time for realisations and if you find yourself on the heavier side then it is necessary to go for a strict diet plan to reduce your body weight. Losing weight at any age requires effort and determination but at the age of thirty needs something extra. By this time our body has settled down to a routine and fats have accumulated in certain parts. The rate of metabolism has also slowed down with time. There are several diet plans which we can undertake to lose weight at a faster rate but the best ones are by making changes in our lifestyle and diet habits.

Preparation is a vital point for any individual who is trying to lose weight fast. It is the time to be aware of certain helpful tools for diet plan like learning about nutrition, batch cooking, and meal planning so that we can stay on track. Keep a food diary at hand, note down every eating activity daily and work accordingly. This will help you in knowing about the changes which are occurring and whether the diet plan is being a success.

  • Portion based diet

 Make a diet plan for the age of 30 that includes healthy food items that will give our body the required vitamins, protein, calcium and energy levels. Do not eat infrequently but take five meals a day. We should divide our food intake into five portions evenly spaced and try to eat small but sufficient portions at every meal time. This will prove highly beneficial and will reduce our weight noticeably.

  • Focus on water-based items
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 Consume food items at 30 which are enriched with vitamins and nutrition like mushrooms, grapefruit, pears, lettuce, watermelon, and tomatoes. The water-based food items are hydrating and satisfying and thus fill our stomach without gaining extra calories. Ultimately this will result in fast weight loss.

  • Fruit diet

Fruit diet is one of the best ways to increase the rate of metabolism and lose weight because the fiber content keeps our stomach full. Fruits like melon, apple, oranges, and watermelon are enriched with fibers, vitamins, minerals, potassium, fruit acid and pectin which help us in staying fit and improving our digestion and metabolism.

  • Focus on lean protein diet

Protein is very important for human body and at the age of thirty, it is necessary to have enough of it for repair and growth of skeletal muscle. As for the diet-plan protein helps us by keeping our stomach full for a longer time and thus quenching the hunger pangs. Add protein items to your diet plans like Greek yogurt, beans, chicken breast and eggs. You can also add supplements which are easily available in the market to your diet to get the necessary protein to your body. This will make us lose weight fast. A common protein diet includes a protein shake at the time of breakfast, salad greens for lunch and a half cup of baked tofu and bean-based pasta for dinner.

  • Raw and crunchy diet 

Keep snacks at hand to fulfill your stomach during serious hunger pangs or for in-between meal times. Snacks do not mean fried items, chips or any food which is rich in calories. Do not eat them as they are harmful to your body and will increase your weight. Go for one-ingredient snacks like cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, celery, and broccoli. These crunchy veggies have a high content of fiber and low content of calories and we can quickly fill our stomach without adding extra calories. These food items take longer to chew and increases our rate of metabolism and thus helps in losing weight at a faster rate at the age of thirty.

  • Avoid additional sugar contents
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Additional sugar content is available in several food items. These are harmful at any age but especially for people at thirty because they tend to increase weight instead of losing by gaining extra fats. Additional sugars have little nutrients but are rich in calories. Start going through the ingredient list so that you can avoid items sweetened with ingredients like brown syrup, honey, agave and cane sugar.

  • Calcium-based food items 

This is the age when women start losing bone density and it is necessary to have enough calcium to prepare us for later age. We are looking for ways to increase our metabolism so that we can lose weight quickly but are also in need of extra calcium to benefit our body. Go for a diet plan that will incorporate both. Turn to items that are rich in calcium and will also help in decreasing our weight like broccoli, yogurt, almonds, sardines, kale, milk, and spinach.

  • Soft drinks are a strict no 

There is a serious misconception that soft drinks are not as bad for our body as hard drinks. It is also believed that diet soda is at least better than normal soft drinks. Both facts are wrong. Soft drinks have artificial sweetener content whereas diet soda also has sugar and calorie content but at a lower rate and both are a danger to individuals who are serious about losing weight quickly. At the age of thirty, our body needs to stop drinking aerated drinks and go for fresh water and juice so that it can lose weight quick.

  • Fiber
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Fiber keeps the stomach full for a longer time. The rate of metabolism increases and fats and cholesterol level decreases thus losing weight quickly becomes easier for a person of thirty. Try to incorporate both soluble fibers as well as insoluble ones in your regular diet plan. Some of the common and important food items rich in fibers are vegetables, fruits like apple, bran, wheat bread, oats, and barley.

Our body requires more attention at the age of 30 because these are the demanding years and we should pay special attention to our diet. Starvation is never an appropriate answer and in fact, this is the time for changes in our dietary habits so that we can lose weight at a faster rate and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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