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Health, Videos, Weight loss Do this 7 minutes Workout everyday and get a flat belly in just 10 days (Video)

Do this 7 minutes Workout everyday and get a flat belly in just 10 days (Video)

By Rupali Kumar   

This famous 7 minutes workout is the latest extension of the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), an exercise routine alternating short intense workout sessions with less intense recovery periods. It is believed that these intense workouts can improve the body’s capacity to burn fat more efficiently and gives a boost to the glucose metabolism.

The 7 minutes workout is a combination of 12 high intensity exercises, to be performed for 30 seconds each with a rest interval of 10 seconds. It has been found that many of the benefits associated with continued workouts may be achieved by doing short but the intense exercises also, and the famous 7 Minutes Workout has been publicized as one such routine.

Watch the video below and learn:


Please Note: People with bone, muscle or joint problems, chronic illnesses or injuries must speak with their doctor and confirm that any exercise regime is good for them.

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