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Pregnancy Do you know about the very early pregnancy symptoms?

Do you know about the very early pregnancy symptoms?

By manisha   

Many times the first-time moms miss the very early pregnancy symptoms, or they do notice them but not with the angle of associating them with pregnancy. Its the second and third-timers who from their past experience spot them better.

very early pregnancy symptoms

very early pregnancy symptoms

These are often normal signs like mood swings which are actually very early pregnancy symptoms, especially when you are knowingly trying to conceive. Your breasts experience soreness because of their increased size. They are actually undergoing preparation for producing milk. There is significant increase in the frequency of farts as the level of gas gets increased and is associated with abdominal bloating.

Changes in the digestive behavior are also very early pregnancy symptoms, which often result into a burning sensation in chest after consuming most food items. Also,one starts getting abdominal pains which are different than the menstrual cramps. Even with a restful routine one feels tired like anything because of the hormonal changes happening in the body.

Headaches and dizziness are some troublesome very early pregnancy symptoms. One starts feeling full to avoid certain foods and on the other side craves to have some particular food items. Apart from a missed period there is a milky white discharge from vagina as due to conception the walls get thickened.

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