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Health, Motherhood, Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts during the first trimester of pregnancy

Do’s and Don’ts during the first trimester of pregnancy

Gasped at the positive sign? Shared the best news with your hubby? Got it checked with your gynaecologist? Overwhelmed with joy? Now is probably the right time to sit for this article.

You are Pregnant. As much as this was fun, the next nine months won’t exactly fit inside that word. It will be of course a unique phase in life which nothing else can replace but it is also the phase where you have to be super cautious and careful with everything you do, as a couple and especially as the carrying mother.

If you thought being pregnant is a cake walk, I am sorry, it is not. Do not get alarmed. Keep following us and you will have the best tips and remedies to go through each trimester smoothly.


In today’s article, we will see the do’s and don’ts during the most important trimester of all, the first trimester.

That is correct. Swollen belly is much easier than right now. This is easily the most crucial stage of pregnancy. This is the phase during which your baby is developing from a small seed. This stage marks the development of important parts of your baby’s body. The heartbeat, spinal cord, facial features and a lot more basic and essential developments occur during the first trimester.

So, it is understandable that you have to be at your best during this period to ensure the development of a healthy baby.

We have listed out the most important do’s and don’ts during the first trimester which you got to keep in check to avoid any unfortunate circumstances.

#1 Do start taking your Prenatal Vitamins

Some of you might be aware of the use of prenatal vitamin and even used it while trying to conceive. If you are one among them, continue having the vitamins for the first trimester as it is highly essential.

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For those of you who are not familiar with prenatal vitamins, they are simple vitamins that help out in tremendous ways. It is a type of preventive health care that helps doctors to prevent potential health problems throughout your pregnancy.

It benefits both the mother and child in many ways. From preventing health problems in babies and helping mothers to escape from morning sickness, prenatal vitamins are highly effective during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester.

The folic acid present in them reduces the risk of many birth problems in pregnancy.

#2 Do not gain unusual weight

It is a common myth that gaining weight during pregnancy is good. It is true that you have to gain a few pounds to have a healthy pregnancy, but is it important to make sure you do not overdo it.

Depending on your BMI, gain around 0.5- 2 kg in the first trimester. This weight gain during pregnancy aids in the nourishment of your baby. It also helps in the calorie accumulation required to produce milk. As months pass by, there must be a steady increase in weight. If this becomes inconsistent and increases too fast, you are putting yourself in a lot of risks that includes high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia) and gestational diabetes.

Sometimes overweight gain can lead to C-section and also an obese baby. Above all, the pregnancy weight once gained can be really difficult to cut down on and this might cause serious health issues and affect your next pregnancy.

#3 Do sleep well

One of the most important things to be taken care of once you are pregnant is your sleep. No matter how big a snooze head you were, pregnancy can make it difficult to have a long good sleep. However, it is the most important time to have good hours of sleep given the number of changes your body is going through. You might experience nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and the endless need to pee during your pregnancy, especially during your first trimester. All of these takes up energy from your body.

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In addition to these, a bunch of hormonal changes can have worn you out and make you tired.

All the above means, you must sleep whenever you can and get the much-needed rest during this time. Minimum of 8-10 hours’ sleep is essential during your first trimester to keep yourself going. Take short naps, go to bed early and make sure you get your power nap whenever possible.

#4 Do not Drink Alcohol or Caffeine

Checking what you eat and drink is a maternal instinct that will automate as soon as you are pregnant. But some of you might be a big fan of your daily dose of coffee. You might also be an occasional drinker. Unless you are an addict, which we suggest you immediately take help for, it is best to avoid both caffeine and alcohol as both are extremely harmful to babies.

Babies born to mothers who take alcohol have a high chance of falling to the Fatal Alcohol Syndrome that can give birth to babies with low birth weight, learning disabilities, behavior problems and lagging patterns in terms of growth and development. Even a small amount of alcohol can affect your baby, it is absolutely important to avoid alcohol and to the get the necessary help to make sure you give birth to a healthy baby.

Caffeine though not as dangerous as Alcohol, it is equally unsafe to the baby. Caffeine can result in an abnormal increase in your baby’s heart rate. Although research suggests that a cup or two a day would be fine, it is best to avoid caffeine totally.

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#5 Do Exercise and Yoga

As much as it is important to stay put and take maximum rest during your first trimester, it is also important to be healthy and fit to have a healthy and smooth pregnancy. Consult your doctor about the different workouts and asanas you are allowed to do and carry on. Always make sure to consult your doctor before beginning any routine during pregnancy.

Simple breathing exercises and yoga poses can help out in many ways. There are a lot of classes especially taken for mothers-to-be. It is better to enrol yourself after doctor consultation to one of these classes than to do anything unsupervised.

#6 Do not Smoke

The final one on the list but highly important. Smoking is another serious practice to be avoided while you are pregnant. Especially during the first trimester as this is the time the baby develops. Nicotine can affect your baby’s growth in multiple ways. From low weight to permanent disability, babies born out of smoking mothers are prone to a lot of hazards. It is also noted from research that, children born out of smoking mothers are more likely to get addicted to smoking themselves at tender ages due to the physiologic nicotine addiction from early stages.

These are few of the basic do’s and don’ts that are highly essential to be kept in mind during your first trimester. However, each woman is different and it is always advised to talk to your doctor before starting or ending any routine/medicine/practice. Make sure you do not miss any gynaecologist appointment. Stay healthy and if you have any doubts, do drop in a comment.




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