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Uncategorized Exercise routine and diet plan of Aishwarya rai

Exercise routine and diet plan of Aishwarya rai

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Aishwarya rai bachhan is famous indian actress who became miss world in 1994. In an interview aishwarya committed shw is not so much serious about her daily workout but she is a diet conscious. he is not regular to gym and after becoming mother she has not gone to gym. Last time she went to gym during shooting of Dhoom 2

aishwarya rai fitness

When she was very active with film shooting she used to do proper workouts and took care of her diet also. She told that she used to start her day with a brisk morning walk followed by light exercises and power yoga, which is a great way to attain flexibility and strength. Also, she went to the gym 4 days a week. In interview she admitted that she is blessed with a good figure and to maintain this she follows a healthy diet.

Diet plan of Aishwarya rai

Her diet consists of boiled vegetables, which is easy to digest, full of nutrients, contains little or no fat and flavorful.

She prefers brown rice and grilled fish in her dinner.

She drinks at least 8 glass of water per day

In her breakfast, she prefers to eat toast made with brown bread and oats.
The former Miss. World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan says that she does not like to hit the gym on a daily basis, but she rather sticks to a strict diet plan and yogic asanas to stay healthy and retain her youthful glow. Read till the end to know about the tips and tricks shared by this evergreen woman herself to stay young and beautiful forever:

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan prefers brisk walks and yogic asanas to strenuous workout in the gym to shed fat.
  • She stays away from packaged and processed food and likes to have enough of exotic fruits and vegetables.
  • She keeps herself hydrated throughout the day. This keeps her skin glowing and also quickens up her metabolism and that in turn helps her to stay in shape.
  • The actor indulges in a power yoga session every day for at least 45 minutes.
  • However she does not completely shun the gym, she goes to the gym twice a week and does an intense cardio workout at home every day.
  • She swears by the fact that she never skips her breakfast.
  • She starts her day with a glass of warm water with lemon and honey.
  • She makes it a point to consume a protein and fiber enriched breakfast.
  • She likes to have smaller meals throughout the day.
  • She likes to have a light dinner.
  • According to her if you want a toned and fit body then stop consuming white rice and start eating the not so tasty brown rice.
  • Her lunch includes lentils, chapatis and some boiled vegetables only.
  • She does not indulge herself in the nasty habits of smoking and drinking, not even occasionally.
  • She makes it a point to consume a lot of fruit juices on a daily basis, and that is the secret to her glowing and flawless skin.
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