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Uncategorized Facial Yoga To Tone Up Facial Skin:

Facial Yoga To Tone Up Facial Skin:

By Glowpink Staff   

Loose skin on face doesn’t look good and you look much older than your age. If you want too tighten your facial skin, below I have listed some asanas that will help you in tightening your skin if done on regular basis

facial yoga


This facial yoga routine helps relax and tone the skin around your eyes.

1. Warm up your hands – rub the palms against each other or hold them under hot water (not too hot!)
2. Properly position your hands. The base of the pinkie fingers will be right on the bridge of your nose. Make sure you are able to breathe through your nose, otherwise adjust the location of your palms and fingers.
3. Leaving your eyes open, turn towards the light (sun, light fixtures, etc.) and check out the position of your palms. If you are able to see the light through any of the holes between your fingers, correct the placement of your palms until you get perfect cover that does not allow any light to your eyes.
4. Now you are ready for the deepest eye relaxation technique that also relaxes and calms your whole neurological system. Do not concentrate on the eyes or area behind them. Breathe deeply. Focus just on your breathing (it helps to fully relax). Just concentrate on how you inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…
5. Close your eyes.
6. Feel the warmth coming from your palms.
7. Imagine absolutely black space in front of your eyes. In the beginning, it could be an extremely difficult task to perform. The worse your vision is, the more difficult it is to picture absolutely black space. But it is possible to trick the mind.

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The Great Rub:

The Great Rub is one technique that helps increase blood circulation in your facial muscles.

Exercise for cheeks

1. Place your finger in depression of cheekbone
Image 1
2. Perform small outward circle with fingertips

This exercise will redefine your central face structure

Exercise for loose skin around mouth

Position your index finger on either side of your nose on the nasal lines about 1/2 inch from lip corner

Image 1

Make small outward circle from fingers

This exercise will tighten skin around the mouth, will fade lough lines and tone loose skin here

Exercise for mid face muscle

Keep your mouth slightly open and place forefinger on hinges of your jaws

Image 2

Make small upward circle starting at jaw hinge

This exercise will strengthen mid face muscle

Fish face exercise for a naturally contoured cheekbone and jawline:

You can always rely on makeup products to give an illusion of a slimmer and contoured face, but if you still want a naturally contoured face and steep jawline then try out this fish face facial yoga. Make a fish face and then try to smile looking upwards. Now, hold this position for at least a minute and then repeat. To get a sharper jawline, repeat this facial yoga every day at the comfort of your home.


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