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Beauty, Make-up FAKE EYELASHES – Types, Tips, Precautions & more

FAKE EYELASHES – Types, Tips, Precautions & more

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Long and fuller eyelashes have become the trending look nowadays. However, not everyone may have naturally voluminous and extended eyelashes. To enhance the look, women opt for makeup tools like eyelash curlers and mascaras. An eyelash curler makes your eyelashes look round and defined while mascara adds a coat of black color and holds them in shape. However, the most natural look of fuller eyelashes can be achieved using fake eyelashes, also known as falsies. These have to be attached to the upper lash line very carefully to provide the look. Although it can be quite tricky to use these if you are a beginner, regular practice and a little technique can help you greatly.

FAKE EYELASHES - Types, Tips, Precautions & more

FAKE EYELASHES – Types, Tips, Precautions & more

Types of Fake Eyelashes
Method to Use
How To Remove
Myths and Facts
Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Fake Eyelashes

Mink eyelash extensions

These are the most natural looking eyelashes which will look very effortless. When attached the right way, they look just like natural eyelashes and it is hard to detect them separately. Mink eyelashes are extremely soft and lightweight. However, since these are very delicate, they have to be handled very carefully. Hence their application takes a lot longer and needs more practice. These are also more on the expensive side.

Acrylic eyelash extensions

Acrylic eyelashes are the least natural looking ones. They are made to be extremely thick and feel heavy on the eyelid. When applied, they give a very dramatic look. Although it is very easy to tell that you are wearing eyelash extensions if they are the acrylic ones, these are best suited for fancy occasions. These are made from a coarse fiber and therefore hold their shape very well. They are quite thick and quite literally give you the fluttering eyelashes.

Silk eyelashes

Silk eyelashes fall somewhere in the middle of the first two varieties. They are not heavy but do look fake due to their long hair and very shiny appearance. The synthetic fiber used for making these imparts glossy looks. They are not as dramatic as the acrylic eyelashes and are much more comfortable to wear.


  • The first step is to choose appropriate and suitable false eyelashes. You will find plenty of options in the market. However, since false eyelashes are quite a new addition to the makeup industry, do not go with the first pair of lashes which the salesperson gives to you. They may not have so much information about the lashes too. It is best to do your own research and then pick a pair.
  • Keep in mind, the look you wish to achieve. If you want a more natural look then chose the eyelash extensions which look less dramatic and are closer to your natural lashes. If you plan on wearing them to a certain function and you want to go for a more elevated look, then opt for a fuller pair of lashes which seem slightly on the bulky side.
  • Pick the eyelashes according to the occasion. For an everyday day look, go for the mink eyelashes while if going to a fancy gathering or function, silk or acrylic eyelashes will look better.
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Method to Use

To apply the fake lashes, you need some practice and a few easy tricks so that the process can be smooth.


Line your eyes

False eyelashes need to be glued to the upper lash line. To make sure that the glue or the eyelash band is not visible, it is important to prep your eyes first. Take pencil eyeliner and line your eyes very slightly. If you are wearing the eyelashes without any eye makeup then use a black eyeshadow to fill in the upper lash line. Applying a liner before attaching the false eyelashes will also help them to adhere better.


Customize your eyelashes

False eyelashes are available in the full size. This means that lengthwise, they are extremely long. However, you will have to snip them slightly from the sides to make sure that they fit your eyes perfectly and do not reach out of the boundary. To determine how much portion you need to get rid of, pull out the lashes from the tray. Be careful while doing this. The lashes will be slightly longer towards the outer edge. Hold them against your eyelid to determine how much of the length is unnecessary. The lashes should begin at the middle point of the whites of your eyes. After determining the natural length, snip off the extra part from the outer end of the lashes. You can use a nail cutter or a pair of cuticle scissors for this.


Application of the lash glue

Hold the false eyelashes from the hair portion and using the glue applicator, apply the adhesive onto the lash band. You have to apply a very thin coat of adhesive otherwise it will smudge during application. For beginners, it is always best to go with clear glue as it is easier to use.


Applying the fake lashes

Using a tool, preferably a pair of tweezers meant for eyelash application, place the extensions on your eyelid. Get as close to the natural lash line as you can. Make sure you apply them from over the eyelid instead of sticking them from the front of your eye. Do not try to apply the fake lashes using your fingers. This will only slow down the process.


Allowing the glue to dry

Once you have placed the fake lashes firmly onto your eyelids, allow the glue to dry naturally. This will take a few minutes. You can purchase the instant dry glue which sets very quickly. However, it is not a good choice for beginners. If you have not applied the lashes perfectly then removing them can be quite difficult if you used the instant dry glue.


Complete your eye makeup

If you notice that the lash band is still visible, apply some liner or black eyeshadow to hide it. You can provide shape to your eyelashes by curling them or applying a coat of mascara. Do this only once you are sure that the glue has set properly. Use mascara in an upward motion to provide a lift to the lashes.

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How To Remove

The glue used for applying eyelashes is a strong adhesive which can be quite hard to remove. One has to be very careful while removing the fake lashes as tugging or pulling them could damage the natural lashes and lead to pain.

Fake lashes can be removed using several methods:

  • Using a glue dissolver

For this, you will have to purchase a lash glue remover separately. These removers work by dissolving the lash glue and hence making the removal process a lot smoother. Begin by removing your eye makeup. You do not have to remove the mascara or the eyeliner you applied close to the lashes. Take some cotton and add few drops of lash glue remover to it. Place the cotton over the lashes making sure that the glue remover reaches the lash band as well. Move the cotton very gently so that the lashes can get loose. Repeat this process for the other eye. This usually takes about 30 – 40 seconds after which your fake eyelashes will get loose and you can pull them off very easily.

  • Using an eye makeup remover

Remove any eyeshadow or concealer applied onto the eyelids. Now take a cotton tip or an earbud and soak its tip in an eye makeup remover. Apply the cotton tip onto the lash band. Rub very gently over the boundaries of the fake eyelashes. Begin by applying it to the outer edge of the fake eyelashes. Once the outer edge is loose, keep pulling gently as you apply the makeup remover to the middle portion. This way, it will be easier to remove the lashes instead of pulling them out at once.

After removing the lashes, wash your face and eyes with a mild cleanser to remove the leftover glue or eye makeup.

  • Using baby oil

Oils can be used to remove the glue from the fake lashes. You can use baby oil as well as coconut oil for this purpose. Do not use any other oils as some of them could cause irritation in the eyes. After removing the eye makeup, take some oil onto a cotton swab and press it over the false eyelashes. Rub gently to loosen the extensions. Although this process is a little more time consuming, using oils is the safest option for people who are allergic to makeup removers.


Applying fake lashes can be painful. If applied using the right method, false eyelashes are fairly easy to apply. The only thing one needs to take care of is that the application tools must be handled well. Do not bring the tools too close to the eyes in order to avoid any kind of poking.
False eyelashes slow down the growth of the natural eyelashes. The growth of the natural eyelashes does not get affected by the fake lashes. However, it is very important to remove the lashes carefully so that you don’t end up ripping the natural hair along with the fake ones.
Only a professional can apply the lashes perfectly. You can get the same results easily at home as well. It does take practice. Make sure you use the right kind of tools and safe glue. Never invest in the cheaper alternatives. Also, take your time while applying the lashes. Never be in a hurry to complete the process.
False eyelashes cannot be reused. If you invest in some good fake eyelashes, they will provide you with the application tools as well as the application glue and the removing fluid. These products are designed to preserve the lashes for a longer time to be reused multiple times. You have to clean them each time after using.
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  1. Never stick the false eyelashes too close to the inner corners of your eyes. This is because the eyelashes may poke into the eyes and lead to irritation. Is it always a little harder to stick the lashes into the inner eyelid because of the eyeball curve.
  2. Never pull the lashes at once while removing them. This could lead to the removal of the natural lashes as well as bruising of the skin. If you feel that your glue remover is not working effectively, go to a professional to get them removed.
  3. After removing the fake eyelashes, make sure to go over the eyelid with an eye makeup remover. This will ensure that the residual glue has also been removed.
  4. Don’t use too much glue to attach the eyelashes as it could lead to smudging. Using excess adhesive will also make the eyelash removal process much harder.
  5. If you are using any kind of fluid to dissolve the glue, then check its ingredients before putting it over the eyes. Check for any chemicals which you might be allergic to.
FAKE EYELASHES - Types, Tips, Precautions & more

FAKE EYELASHES – Types, Tips, Precautions & more


What are individual lashes?

Individual lashes are tiny pieces of lash extensions which consist of only a few hairs. They are easier to use although the application process may be slightly time-consuming.

Can the use of fake lashes lead to watery eyes?

Sometimes, the kind of glue being used may irritate the eyes. If this is the case then use a latex free glue to attach the eyelashes. Apply the lashes very carefully so that you do not poke yourself in the eye. This could again lead to eye-watering. If it does happen, wait for the eyes to get dry and then apply the lashes.

Can fake lashes be reused?

Yes. But you have to keep the lashes clean in order to make them last longer. When you remove the lashes, clean them nicely and gently using a makeup remover. This will get rid of any mascara or eyeshadow present over them. Allow them to dry well. Then store them in the tray provided, for further use.

Can fake eyelashes lead to blisters?

If the fake eyelashes are pulled out roughly, then this could damage the real eyelashes and lead to their breakage. This could further lead to a blister. Sometimes, using the wrong glue could also cause blisters.



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