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Beauty, Health Fennel Seeds for Menstrual Cramps and PMS

Fennel Seeds for Menstrual Cramps and PMS

By Muskan Minda   

Menstrual cramps are cramps, nausea, heavy bleeding, and pelvic and abdominal pains experienced by women during periods and PMS are the symptoms which occur few days before menstrual cycle like headaches, nausea, weakness, mood swings, cramps and bloating. More than half of the females suffer from both or either menstrual Cramps or PMS. In some cases, these are very severe and women are unable to do even their normal activities and have to take rest or stay at home. In other cases, it is not so severe but women tend to feel discomfort and cramps during such days in the lower back, abdominal area, and pelvic region.

The uterus tends to contract so that it can get rid of blood tissues which have been lining its walls. This contraction helps in the release of blood and tissues from our body during a menstrual cycle. During this cycle, some women face throbbing pain and extreme cramps and in some cases, it may lead to sweating, nausea, and weakness.

When you suffer from severe cramps it is not possible to take medications every time as it may start causing harm in the long run. At this time it is better to use homemade remedies that have been used in households since earlier times. Believe me, these remedies are effective and do not have any side effect.

  • One of the most common ingredients used during menstrual cramps and PMS is Fennel seeds. It is a safe, cheap and natural method to help women around the world. My mother and grandmother used to swear by it and later my elder sister also became an ardent fan. When my turn came I was a bit sceptic but with time realized that my elders were right and sometimes it is better to go with household remedies than using over-the-counter medications.
  • Fennel seeds are said to be anti-spasmodic by nature and have a natural property like phytoestrogenic in its component. This works like ibuprofen and helps in reducing painful periods and offering respite. Usage of these seeds allows the muscles of the uterus to relax and contract easily during periods. The blood gets a smooth passage and flows easily. Inflammation and muscular tension are relaxed and thus the pain also lessens considerably.
  • Fennel seeds perform as a placid analgesic compound with the soothing effect that helps in alleviating cramps in the abdominal area and elevating mood. It also helps in curing indigestion and bloating to a great level.
  • People can use normal fennel seeds or can also buy organic ones. Fennel seeds can be used by women in various ways including eating it raw or mixing it to make a liquid brew. Start chewing fennel seed few days before your periods date. This will help in providing relief during PMS and menstrual cycle.
  • Fennel tea is very easy to make and is also very effective during these times.  Pour one teaspoon of fennel seeds in nearly 300 ml of water and cover it. Now boil it on low flame for nearly five minutes. We will see that more than half of the liquid remains. Strain it and drink the brew at least thrice a day to find relief from menstrual cramps and PMS.
  • Mix organic fennel seeds with a 1/8th teaspoon of ginger powder and see the results as it helps in reducing pain and heavy bleeding to a great degree.
  • Soak fennel seeds in a glass of water at night. In the morning strain it with a filter so that the seeds and water is separated. Do not boil it. The drink helps the uterus to contract easily and now the bleeding is regulated and severity of pain lessens. Drink it first thing in the morning to get better results. During the day if cramps and heavy bleeding continue you can chew some fennel seeds to find relief.
  • Fennel honey syrup is also a very good remedy during period’s time. Firstly take half a cup of fennel seeds and roast them till they become crunchy. After they cool down a bit grind them in a mixer to a fine powder form. Store this powder in an airtight container. During menstrual cycle take one teaspoon of fennel seed and one teaspoon of honey. Mix them and drink it thrice daily. See the results to believe in the power of fennel seeds and honey.
  • Fennel seeds as home remedies have worked quite well for many females, but there is a reason for everything. I decided to do a research to understand if the fennel seeds were really working or it was some pseudo-effect. Even scientific journals have accepted the power of fennel seeds and recommended them as the best alternative to medications during the menstrual cycle and PMS. In the year 2014 a study published in the medical journal of gynaecology wrote that when fennel seeds were used to treat patients during the menstrual cycle and PMS, it showed promising results.
  • One hundred females were divided into two groups of fifty each. One was given fennel seeds and the other was not given anything. At the end of the cycle women having fennel seeds found relief to a considerable extent than the second group who was not having the fennel seeds. Even science had to bow to the wisdom of our elders who swear by its magical properties. Scientists have been continuously studying its effects and have published reports at regular periods. In an article published in the year 2014, it was reported that fennel seeds were very effective in reducing the severity of cramps.
  • Using fennel seeds is an effective and safe treatment as it does not have any harmful side-effect. This has been proved by its usage as a home remedy as well as scientific studies. Fennel seeds are easy to use in both raw forms or by mixing it with some other ingredient. These are also cheap and easily available at home or at corner shops. The most important thing is that it does not have any side-effects. Fennel seeds have become the most preferred remedies to reduce cramps during PMS and menstrual cycle.
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